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Producing Netflix IMF content with easyDCP
easyDCP Creator+ & easyDCP Player+
are Netflix Post Technology Alliance products –
they meet Netflix's technical requirements today
and will continue to do so in the future.

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easyDCP has officially been accepted to the Netflix Post Technology Alliance . Our IMF products have been evaluated and tested by Netflix to ensure that we meet all technical and workflow requirements, as well as providing the highest level of support and customer service.

You can be sure that easyDCP Creator+ will generate fully compliant Netflix IMF packages according to the latest delivery specifications, now and in the future.

The Photon toolkit has been integrated in easyDCP Creator+ 3.6. It allows the validation of the currently opened IMF package by using Netflix's Java based implementation of the IMF standard.

easyDCP 3.6 also contains additional IMF features like the support of JPEG 2000 IMF Profile and JPEG 2000 Broadcast Contribution Profiles (BCP). IMF up to 4K, lossless IMF and 4k IMF single/multi-tile reversible profile Mainlevel 6 Sublevel 0 are also available now.

Furthermore easyDCP 3.6 now supports Dolby Vision, including Dolby Vision Metadata packaging and Dolby Vision Content Mapping for Quality Control. Finally the new and long awaited Color Spaces are now available: "RGB PQ" and ITU-R BT.2020 / PQ Legal Range and Full Range.

Getting started with IMF

In this video playlist we demonstrate how to do IMF Onboarding of CPLs 1-4 from Netflix's example content.