easyDCP Creator+ & KDM Generator 3.4.11,1.4.411

easyDCP Creator+ covers all functions of easyDCP Creator and increase effectiveness with additional functionality.

The plus version comes with DCI-compliant encryption technology in order to protect the processed content if necessary. The included KDM Generator allows the generation of Key Delivery Messages (KDM) permitting certain cinemas to show the encrypted DCP. It is also capable of creating IMF packages.

From Version 3.4 easyDCP Creator+ comes with DCP and IMF-Package Validation

The external JPEG2000 Encoder is used for pre-processing and conversion of images in order to save time during the DCP creation process. Furthermore the scripting ability allows the integration into existing, script-based production workflows.

easyDCP products are constantly being improved by Fraunhofer IIS to keep up with the standards and technical frameworks of digital cinema. With Fraunhofer IIS represented in the SMPTE Board of Governors, users of easyDCP software have the certainty to always work compliant with D-Cinema standards.

Technical Service and Support

Additional services like software updates, software migration, advanced certificate services, and technical support by Fraunhofer IIS are included in the service contract. Users will have to extend their initial 6 month service contract and will be notified in time to do so.

For your convenience you can start with an initial service contract of 12 months instead of 6 month.

Without valid service, updates to newer software versions have to be purchased. The  prices depend on how much time has elapsed since the expiry of the service contract.

For additional information on easyDCP service policy please refer to the service extension FAQ.

Trial Version

For a first experience with this software and the DCP creation we offer a free download of a special trial version of easyDCP Creator+. The unlimited and full functional trial version of easyDCP Creator+ burns in a visual watermark into the DCP/IMF package. Supplemental for DCP/IMF packages cannot be created.

To purchase the full version please use the licensing process directly through this website.

License price
incl. 6 months of service
4,165.00(incl. VAT)
Purchase Pricelist Purchase bundled Features & Downloads
Features easyDCP Creator+ & KDM Generator easyDCP Creator
SMPTE and Interop compliant DCP creation
Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Audio
DPX, TIFF and JPEG 2000 Input
Automatic Gamut Transformation from ITU709 to XYZ
SMPTE & Interop compliant Subtitles
Metadata adjustment (e.g. Offset, Entry Point, Duration, Content Titles, Content Types, Annotation Texts)
Graphical User Interface with Drag and Drop
Windows and Mac OS Version
QuickTime Input
Loading DCPs
Dolby Atmos (packaging only)
Image processing (scaling, flat, scope)
Add still picture trak
Customised CPL/file naming
3D-Support (stereoscopic)
Encryption and Signature
Supplemental DCPs (DCPs with referenced MXF tracks)
Loading Key Delivery Messages (KDMs)
Loading/Generating IMP (IMF packages)