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easyDCP Creator+ & KDM Generator 2.2.7,1.4.15

easyDCP Creator+ covers all functions of easyDCP Creator and increase effectiveness with additional functionality.

The plus version comes with DCI-compliant encryption technology in order to protect the processed content if necessary. The included KDM Generator allows the generation of Key Delivery Messages (KDM) permitting certain cinemas to show the encrypted DCP.

The external JPEG2000 Encoder is used for pre-processing and conversion of images in order to save time during the DCP creation process. Furthermore the scripting ability allows the integration into existing, script-based production workflows.

For a first experience with this software and the DCP creation we offer a free download of a special trial version of easyDCP Creator+. It includes a trail version of easyDCP KDM Generator and easyDCP JPEG2000 Transcoder.

The unlimited and full functional trial version of easyDCP Creator+ burns in a visual watermark into the DCP.

To purchase the full version please use the licensing process directly through this website.

Feature easyDCP Creator+ & KDM Generator easyDCP Creator
Creation of Interop and SMPTE compliant DCPs
Supported input formats: DPX, JPEG2000, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG
Supporting HD, 2k and 4k picture content
Supporting stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 audio content in broadcast wav format
Optional color tranformation from ITU709 Gamut to the XYZ Gamut (Digital Cinema)
JPEG 2000 encoding (DCI Compliant: ISO/IEC 15444-1:Amd2)
Managing the DCP creation process with project files
Easy metadata editing
Intuitive and self explaining user interface
Drag & Drop functionality
Professional look and feel
Available for Windows and Mac
Content Encryption for 2D and 3D content incl. KDM Generation tool
Stereoscopic (3D) DCP creation
Interop DCP creation
Adjustable Encoding Bitrate
Advanced Color Transformation including support for 3D Lookup-Tables
External JPEG2000 Encoder for pre-generation of images files
Optimized support of subtitels
Easy to use certificate requests
SMPTE subtitling format supported
Optimized workflow for existing supplemental and/or encrypted DCPs
Generate KDMs directly from easyDCP Creator +