easyDCP Creator family

The final step in the production of digital movie content for digital cinema is the creation of the DCP (Digital Cinema Package). easyDCP Creator is a solution that enables small and medium-sized production companies as well as postproduction houses to create a SMPTE or Interop compatible DCP for playback in the cinema in a few simple steps.

easyDCP Creator can be used on standard PCs and MACs.

Core features of easyDCO Creator:

  • Creation of SMPTE- and InterOP compliant 2k/4k DCPs (HFR)
  • Supported input Formats: DPX, JPEG2000, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, Quicktime
  • available for MAC and Windows

Includes all features of easyDCP Creator and additional functions:

  • Integrated Timeline
  • Content encryption (SMPTE- and InterOP compliant)
  • Support of stereoscopic (3D) DCPs
  • Includes easyDCP KDM Generator for easy KDM generation
  • Creation of IMF packages

easyDCP Creator+ is also cost effective available in easyDCP Bundle!

The Standalone Transcoder allows for a DCI compliant JPEG 2000 encoding.

  • External JPEG2000 Encoder for pre-generation of images files for easyDCP Creator+
  • GPU-accelerated JPEG 2000 encoding (DCI/ISO/IEC compliant)
  • Basis to build an encoding farm