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Frequent questions
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Reolve Plugin  All Versions 


easyDCP Resolve Plugin is fully integrated in DaVinci Resolve. It runs in demo mode as long you haven't purchased a license and activate it.
You can activate it without further installation according following instructions.

See here how you can activate your easyDCP Resolve Plugin:

  1. Open DaVinci Resolve and click "File". In the submenu you find the entry "easyDCP".
    Then click "Request License & Certificate". Follow the dialogue and click "Save".
    Please use a system that is connected to the Internet to make sure that the HTML Request you saved works.

    Please do not use special characters for the password:
    Special characters in this case are all characters that are not Latin letters or Arabic numbers: a-z, A-Z, 0-9.
    For example if you used a password like "test_123$" when requesting the license and certificates, then the actual password would be "test123"

  2. After opening the HTML Request file (double click this file) your browser will connect to our webshop  Enter your login information and then the webshop will offer to buy the easyDCP Resolve plugin if you have not already bought it. The license will be activated automatically after receipt of payment. If you already own an easyDCP Resolve plugin, please select this and the activation will be processed immediately.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you want to activate a easyDCP Resolve Bonus License and the prerequisites are met, the webshop would offer you to activate the related easysDCP Resolve module automatically.   

  3. Download your "License & Certificate" data set from your license-status after it is just in time available. To finally activate your product use the "Import License & Certificate" function in your DaVinci Resolve and import your downloaded data set.


Please note:

  • Please use only US characters for the domain- and username in request form, e.g. no: é,*,# etc.
  • The file extension for the request file must use the extension .html.

Note: In Resolve 15, please make sure that the easyDCP decoder is used and the setting "DaVinci Resolve > Preferences > Configuration > Use easyDCP decoder" is switched on:


Further Links for easyDCP Resolve:

Pricelist easyDCP Resolve Plugin

easyDCP plugin or easyDCP standalone. What is the better solution for me?

Special conditions for easyDCP full version customers

Download DaVinci Resolve inclusive easyDCP Resolve 

Find more information in your DaVinci Resolve User manual

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP:  All applicationswithout service   all versions < 4.0
easyDCP Plugin:  all versions
easyDCP:Legacy licenses  all versions
also for 
easyDCP Plus:  Offline licenseswith permanent license from version 4.0
IMF Studio:Offline licenseswith permanent license  from version 4.0
easyDCP Plus:Single licenceswith permanent license  from version 4.0
IMF Studio:Single licenseswith permanent license  from version 4.0


How to find your licenses up to easyDCP 3.8.9 and others.

With the update to the new website, we have tried to keep the usual processes as before to make the changeover as easy as possible for you. However, there are some changes in how to find your licenses.

And this is how you find your easyDCP applications up to easyDCP 3.8.9:

  1. Login to the webshop as usual.

  2. Select My Products in the top menu.

  3. You will find a new section: Single Licenses 
    Here you can find easyDCP licenses up to Version 3.8.9 (without service) and easyDCP plugin licenses. Your previous legacy and bonus licenses can be found under Previous Licenses.

  4. When you select a desired easyDCP application entry, a submenu opens. Here you can select different services like e.g. download, migration, activation and upgrade.
    Available services depend on the type and the status of the license. 

As part of the conversion to the easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio packages, we have migrated your licenses with valid service. You can find an overview of your previous licenses in My Products after the section Single Licenses with the button Previous Licenses.

NOTE: Licenses that did not have a service at the time of the migration can be upgraded to one of the new packages for a fee. For your comfort, use the new button Purchase Upgrades next to the headline Single Licenses. Here, the webshop shows the best update/upgrade options for your licenses.

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus:  all applications with permanent license  from version 4.0 
IMF Studio:all applications with permanent license from version 4.0 


How to use your application with Offline Activation


  • You have downloaded the desired easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio installer from the webshop at MY PRODUCTS and installed it on your hardware.
  • You have a permanent licence.
  • You have switched in the Webhop under License Packages the corresponding license to Create Offline License

For your information: When using your easyDCP application with Offline Activation, the services "online activation" and "roaming mode" are deactivated!

Follow this steps:

  • Start your application:
  • Start the program in Demo/Offline Mode mode via the login window

    Username/Password/Device Name/Remember Password
    Ignore these fields

    Demo/Offline Mode
    Launch your application in demo/offline mode

  • Select "Preferences (OSX)" or "Options (WINDOWS)" in the application. Use option "Activation Status" and select "Request License&Certificates".

  • Fill out the form according to the instructions displayed and select "Submit". The easyDCP website opens automatically in your browser.

  • Log in to your account and select the license to be activated. The license and certificate set will be created.


  • Download your "License & Certificate" set from your license status. GobacktoyoureasyDCPapplicationwhereyouwant to activate theOffline mode. Open thesamemenu asinthepreviousstep and importthe"License&Certificate"setwith the option"ImportLicense&Certificates".

  • Now the offline mode is activated and you can use your program as usual.

  • An online connection of the respective hardware is no longer required.

  • The Online Activation mode is deactivated for this license.  

Ifyou need touseyourapplicationagaininroamingmodewiththeonlineactivation,pleasecontact us here.

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus:  all applications  all licenses typesfrom version 4.0 
IMF Studio:all applications  all licenses typesfrom version 4.0 


How to use your application with Online Activation


  • You have downloaded the desired easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio installer from the webshop at MY PRODUCTS and installed it on your hardware.

  • The intended hardware requires a permanent internet connection.

Follow these steps:

  • Start your application
  • Enter your login data in the login window

    Use the login data for username and password as in

    Device Name
    Create your individual device name.
    The computer name will appear by default.

    Remember Password
    Select to save your login settings on this computer

    Demo/Offline Mode
    Start your application without login data in Demo Mode with limited functions.

  • After logging in, your application starts
  • When you login for the first time, the licenses and certificates for the respective hardware are automatically created and loaded in the background
  • You are now ready to use the program

Note that a permanent internet connection is required. Nevertheless, whenever the Internet connection is interrupted, a seperate window with corresponding information will open after a predetermined period of time. All data will be cached in your project file for security.

Find more Informations about the Roaming service here.

The new website is online now. The new product separation into the packages easyDCP PLUS and IMF Studio has been completed.

With the new product generation, we introduce a new distribution and licensing model.

  • New customers can purchase the new packages on a subscription basis or as a permanent license.
  • All products 4.0 are equipped with the new online activation.
  • All products 4.0 offer the option of online roaming operation.
    You can install your respective easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio program on multiple hardware systems simultaneously. 
    It will be automatically activated for the particular hardware on which the program is started, on other computers on which the program is installed it will be deactivated in the meantime.
The loyalty of our customers was and is the basis of our success.
Of course, you will benefit from the new advantages:
Customers with valid service contract
will receive these new versions automatically


Due to the new features, there will be some adjustments in the webshop, your products and the activation process. Inform yourself about what's new with these FAQs.
How we have transferred previous licenses with service contract into the new product structure
How to find your new easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio packages
How to find your licenses up to easyDCP 3.8.9
How the new online activation works
This is how the new online roaming works
This is how you can run your new packages with offline activation as before
Special note: Customers owning easyDCP KDM Generator+

I don't have upgraded to the new easyDCP Packages. How can I to it

Please note:

  • Further development of the easyDCP "basic" programs will be discontinued.
  • Upgrades and updates of easyDCP licenses can only be made to the easyDCP PLUS or IMF Studio packages.
    Exception: Individual licenses that had a valid service at the time of the changeover can continue to extend the service as usual.
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Applications Status: Permanent License All Versions
IMF StudioStatus: Permanent Licensefrom Version 4.0.X


Your service options when using easyDCP products:

Sales support is always free:

All questions regarding the products and their features.

    • Purchase of easyDCP Products
    • Questions for manage payments,
    • Handling for discounts for Non Profit organiasations
    • usw. 

Prices for easyDCP products you can find here
Sales support is available for everyone. Please use the Service or contact form in Sales Support

License and Subscription support is always free:

Questions about activation, migration, available updates and upgrades as well as the status of licenses.
All technical service options are available in your web account at My Products  

License support is available for every customer independent from the service status. Please use the Service or contact form in Sales Support

Technical support is free when service status is valid:

 Usage and troubleshooting for all easyDCP Plus / IMF Studio solutions

Technical support requires a valid subscription or a service contract for the respective easyDCP Package/application. Please use the Service or contact form in Technical Support.

Online Roamingsupport is free when service status is valid:

Usage and troublshooting 

Online Roaming requires a valid subscription or a service contract for the respective easyDCP Package/IMF Studio application. Please use the Service or contact form in Technical Support.

Find answers to important questions about your licenses

Subsriptions prolongation for easyDCP Plus:

Customers can at any time extend and renew their subscription. The period to be extended is either seamlessly added to the term of the existing subscription.  If the subscription has already expired, it will be reactivated when the renewal is complete.

Hint: Customers are invited to use the automatic renewal with every purchase. This can also be set up manually afterwards. 
You can find more details here

Service and service extensions for customer with permanent licenses:

Each new purchased easyDCP Plus comes with a valid service contract lasting for 6 months. Within this period, technical service, cost free updates and online roaming for the respective package are included without any additional payment. 

Once the service is about to expire, customers will be notified by e-mail. It is highly recommended to extend the service extension from minimum of 6 months. It will always be appended to the end of the current service-period. If the customer decides for a automatic service subscription the service extendes for another 6 month automatically.

In case a customer decided not to prolong the support and no new version of specific package has been released, it is still possible to get back into normal service. A reactivation (calculated form the regular service fee) for the period between previous service and the date the client wants to get back into support has to be paid. 

If a new version of specific package has been released during a non-support period, no prolongation of the (expired) service is in this moment possible. Here clients have to purchase a onetime fee in order to get the latest version of the easyDCP Plus/IMF Studio package. The update price depends on the date when the previous service extension has ended and the date the client purchased the update for his respective easyDCP Plus/IMF Studio package.
The younger the last license the lower the update fee.
Note: Updates comes without automatic prolongation of service extension.

Hint: Customers are invited to use the  automatic service renewal with every purchase. This can also be set up manually afterwards. You can find more details here

Migrations is always free

Valid for Customer using their licenses with Offline Activation:

Migrating your easyDCP/IMF Studio offline licenes to a new hardware or re-activating a license after changing components in your existing hardware is always possible. 
For security reasons, repetitive migrations are blocked for 6 months without prior agreement.   
For further details please check: How can I perform a migration (hardware/operating-system-change)

Major and Minor Updates costs are dependent on type and service status see below:

Updates will arrive as needed. Estimate 2 to 6 updates per year.

  • Customers with Subscriptions can always download the the latest version and use them immidiately. 

  • Customers with Permanent License and valid service have free access to updated versions of the appropriade package.

    • Customers using Online Activation can always download the the latest version and use them immidiately.

    • Customers using Offline Activation maybe needs to request for a new license (see Release Types). 

Release Types: 
Major releases
(e.g. 4.2 to 4.3 or e.g. 3.9 to 4.0) - is free when service status is valid
always a new license is required. 
For your support please check: How do I activate my easyDCP Plus oder IMF Studio product

Minor releases (4.2.1 to 4.2.2) - is always free within a major release
do not require a new license. In principle there is no need to update the certificates (signer and/or server) for a software update.

  • Customers without valid service follow instrution in section before: Service and service extensions

  • Updates for the easyDCP Resolve plugin are always delivered by Blackmagic Design within the software DaVinci Resolve and are therefore not subject to this procedure. New functions (upgrades) may only be available to customers with a valid service.

Upgrade is free when service status is valid:

available for easyDCP Licenses < 4.0 and easyDCP / IMF Singlelicenes

The button Purchase Upgrade within your web account at Single Licenses shows the available and most cost-effective options for an upgrade.


If your question has not been answered please do not hesitate to contact use on the Service section or contact form in Sales Support