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easyDCP Reolve Plugin    All Versions  


easyDCP Resolve Plugin is fully integrated in DaVinci Resolve. It runs in demo mode as long you haven't purchased a license and activate it.
You can activate it without further installation according following instructions.

See here how you can activate your easyDCP Resolve Plugin:

  1. Open DaVinci Resolve and click "File". In the submenu you find the entry "easyDCP".
    Then click "Request License & Certificate". Follow the dialogue and click "Save".
    Please use a system that is connected to the Internet to make sure that the HTML Request you saved works.

    Please do not use special characters for the password:
    Special characters in this case are all characters that are not Latin letters or Arabic numbers: a-z, A-Z, 0-9.
    For example if you used a password like "test_123$" when requesting the license and certificates, then the actual password would be "test123"

  2. After opening the HTML Request file (double click this file) your browser will connect to our webshop www.easyDCP.com.  Enter your login information and then the webshop will offer to buy the easyDCP Resolve plugin if you have not already bought it. The license will be activated automatically after receipt of payment. If you already own an easyDCP Resolve plugin, please select this and the activation will be processed immediately.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you want to activate a easyDCP Resolve Bonus License and the prerequisites are met, the webshop would offer you to activate the related easysDCP Resolve module automatically.   

  3. Download your "License & Certificate" data set from your license-status after it is just in time available. To finally activate your product use the "Import License & Certificate" function in your DaVinci Resolve and import your downloaded data set.


Please note:

  • Please use only US characters for the domain- and username in request form, e.g. no: é,*,# etc.
  • The file extension for the request file must use the extension .html.

Note: In Resolve 15, please make sure that the easyDCP decoder is used and the setting "DaVinci Resolve > Preferences > Configuration > Use easyDCP decoder" is switched on:


Further Links for easyDCP Resolve:

Pricelist easyDCP Resolve Plugin

easyDCP plugin or easyDCP standalone. What is the better solution for me?

Special conditions for easyDCP full version customers

Download DaVinci Resolve inclusive easyDCP Resolve 

Find more information in your DaVinci Resolve User manual

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plugin Permanent License only all versions
easyDCP Plus  all license types  all versions
IMF Studio all license types  all versions


With the easyDCP Plugin applications, Fraunhofer IIS has opened the popular easyDCP technology for a direct use within various cut or color grading systems.

These plugins are embedded in the applications by each provider like Blackmagic Design or Quantel. The previously known user interface of easyDCP standalone products will be replaced by the graphical interface of the cut or color grading system.

A direct comparison of all easyDCP application is only conditionally possible and need to be assessed individually from application to application.

What are the advantages of a plugin solution?

A key advantage of a plugin is the new workflow. First, DCPs can be used directly as an input format for the given applications. Because of this, time-consuming transcoding will not be needed anymore. Second, a complete image sequence without detours will be played directly as DCP. It remains to the provider himself which functions will be supported with the plugin. However, the central functions, such as the creation and playback of encrypted and unencrypted Interop and SMPTE DCPs as well as the creation of Key Delivery Messages (KDM), are generally available within all easyDCP Plugin versions.

For more information please check:

What are the advantages of easyDCP Pro application?

The easyDCP Pro products offer the maximum possible functionality of all easyDCP applications. easyDCP Pro are developed especially for the professional editing of DCPs / IMF packages.

For more information please check:

How can I purchase an easyDCP PlugIn?

The cut and color grading systems of the respective manufacturers always include a full version of the easyDCP Plugin which runs in a demo mode.

Once you have decided to use an easyDCP Plugin, you need to get a license to unlock the demo mode. The license can be purchased through the online shop www.easyDCP.com. By importing the License & Certificate Set, the selected easyDCP PlugIn modules (e.g. playback, decryption, generation and encryption) changes into unrestricted mode of operation.

I'm already an easyDCP user with a standalone version. Should I switch to easyDCP PlugIn?

We have a very interesting offer for existing users: You can use easyDCP Plugins and easyDCP standalone versions in parallel. All customers owning an easyDCP standalone version can get a free bonus license for an easyDCP PlugIn which can be used on the same hardware.

What do the PlugIn cost?

For more information about modules and prices please check:

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Resolve Plugin  from Version 1.1

The demo version of the easyDCP Resolve Plugin is integrated in DaVinci Resolve. It is possible to test nearly every function.

The demo version has following limitations:

  •  Visible watermark in each frame of the DCP
  • KDMs can be generated with a maximum validity of 2 days
  • Loading KDMs is not possible
  • Playback-quality will be drastically reduced after 15s, playback of sound will stop after 15s

Note: From DaVinci Resolve 15, please make sure that the easyDCP decoder is used and the setting "DaVinci Resolve > Preferences > Configuration > Use easyDCP decoder" is switched on:

Here you find the easyDCP Resolve Plugin encoding options in DaVinci Resolve:

Use this link to find how to activate your easyDCP Resolve Plugin

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP from Version 3.X
IMF Studio from Version 4.X
easyDCP Resolve Plugin  all Versions


You’re working for the Digital Cinema and On-Demand Video industry with optimized workflows and leading software like DaVinci Resolve?

You deserve to work with the best software available!

easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio form the leading solutions for the digital cinema supply chain and are acknowledged as Netflix Post Technology Alliance products. Benefit from our exclusive offer for users of the easyDCP Resolve Plug-in.

Extend your services with the capabilities of easyDCP Plus and/or IMF Studio

Click a row show more information

Create Multi Language/Subtitle DCP/IMF Packages in one package with minimal overhead
DCP and IMF specifications allow several language- or subtitle-tracks in one DCP. easyDCP Creator+ is specialized for creating those DCP and IMF Creator for IMF packages (both includes multiple CPL) in a very easy and simple way. easyDCP Player+ an IMF Player are very powerful tool for quality control and export.
Create Supplemental DCPs/IMF Packages
With supplementals (also called version files) you can easily correct content errors or add further languages and/or subtitles to an existing DCP. This is also often required for Netflix accreditation.
easyDCP Creator+ and IMF Creator allows to create easy and reliable supplemental files. easyDCP Player+ and IMF Player is ready to playback and QC the well prepared supplemental DCP or IMF package.
Arrange and Visualize INTEROP/SMPTE Subtitles
Become an expert for subtitling. Subtitling and Captioning is a more and more required feature for DCP and IMF Packages. easyDCP Creator+ and IMF Player supports the standards: CSUB (Closed Subtitle), OSUB (Open Subtitle), CCAP (Closed Caption) and OCAP (Open Caption). easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio supports the standardized INTEROP/SMPTE and TTML subtitles.
easyDCP Player+ and IMF Player is prepared for playback subtitles, for QC and quality control. All these options can be combined with Multi Language DCP resp. IMF-Packages and Supplemental DCP resp. IMF-Packages.
Burn in Subtitles
Although XML subtitles is the intended solution for DCP/IMF packages, sometimes it is helpful or necessary to burn the subtitles firmly and permanently into image files. With one click you can decide in easyDCP Creator+ and IMF Creator whether the subtitles should be provided as an XML file or burned in.
easyDCP Player+ will playback DCPs and IMF Creator playback IMF Packages.
Create and Design stunning 3D DCP/IMF Packages
3D playback has given a tremendous boost to digital cinema and is now state of the art. Whether you need to create a commercial, a trailer or a feature film. With easyDCP Creator+ you only need a few clicks to make your movie perfect for the cinema. Moreover, of course you can play the movie perfectly on different stereoscopic standards (Windows only) via the easyDCP Player+.
All options like subtitles and supplementals are also available in both applications.
Use the separation of reels in your DCP/IMF Packages
Reels are a well-used way to split content within the DCP/IMF workflow. Add an intro, add a logo sequence or add credits into a movie - you will be happy to have this feature available. Latest when you start to work with Supplemental DCP/IMF packages or run through the Netflix accreditation you will be excited to use reels.
Validate your DCP/IMF Package before you distribute it
A DCP/IMF-Package consists of countless file detail and there are a variety of experience to be considered. Both easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio have a powerful tool to check all these details. If your DCP/IMF package has been successfully tested with easyDCP resp. IMF Validator, you can be sure that your DCP/IMF package can be easily used in any movie theater.
Many of our customers also use the easyDCP Plus/IMF Studio Validator for incoming inspection.
Create and Playback a DCP with ATMOS Soundtracks
Atmos technology is a proprietary sound standard that can usually only be applied and processed in selected cinemas. Nevertheless, the easyDCP programs are also able to process these files. easyDCP Plus can easily bypass these ready-made audio files to create a DCP, process them and play them back via the easyDCP Player+ (although without processing the Atmos technology itself).
Create and Playback a IMF with Dolby Vision
Dolby Vision technology is a proprietary video and sound standard that is required e.g. for Netflix deliveries. Nevertheless, the IMF Studio are also able to process these files. IMF Creator can easily bypass these ready-made audio files to create a IMF with Dolby Vision, process them and play them back via the IMF Player (although without processing the Atmos technology itself).
GPU-Encoding and Decoding accelerates the workflow
All easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio applications can greatly speed up DCP / IMF mastering on Windows using the impressive graphics adapter graphics adapter. With a technology developed for this purpose, the computation times for JPEG2000 encoding can be significantly accelerated.
A WOW feature: Correct the Metadata of your DCP/IMF-Package
Who has not had to quickly fix or update a description (such as naming convention) or file naming for an already completed DCP or IMF package? With easyDCP PLus and IMF Studio the effort is negligible and the DCP / IMF package does not need to be recalculated. Once you've used this feature, you can’t do without it.
Regular updates keep easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio customers up to date
Changing and correcting standards for DCP and IMF packages has no release cycles. The development of easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio is specifically committed to this market and provides new releases immediately upon availability and need. Compared to easyDCP resolve applications, easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio has no partner restrictions.
Free your DaVinci Resolve Workstation from long encoding or KDM-Generating
Workstations for the color grading including the accessories required are expensive workstations. The generation of a 90 min DCP / IMF package is a long-lasting process that may need to be repeated.
Shift the elaborate JPEG2000 encoding and the DCP mastering including the design of language and subtitle versions to a possibly more suitable standard PC.
Powerful KDM Generating Tools for bulk delivery and distribution
An important step in the distribution of encrypted DCPs is the creation of digital movie keys - the KDMs. easyDCP Plus contains a stand-alone tool only for the generation of movie keys. It is suitable for simple and intuitive creation of large quantities of KDMs. If required, the tool can also be automated using a command line interface.
Online Activation and Roaming 
easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio comes with the comfortable option of Online Activation. This allows to start the application with your username and password. The activation will start automatically and is not fixed binded to your hardware. 
If you want to start the same application on another PC you can do this when the previous session on another PC is finished. 
Subscription or Lifetime 
easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio gives you the option to select between a cost effective subscription alternate to a classic lifetime license. The acquisition adapts to the respective needs of a customer more easily.

This message contains important information for customers who have created encrypted DCPs using the easyDCP Resolve Plug-In and want to migrate them.

If you come into the situation that:

  • your easyDCP Resolve license needs to be transferred to another computer, or
  • your easyDCP Resolve license must be reactivated due to an operating system update, or
  • a new operating system installation on the same hardware is required, including the reactivation of easyDCP Resolve,

we would like to point out that already created, encrypted DCPs can't longer be opened on the target system.
Also you can not generate KDMs for these DCPs on the newly activated system.

In order to be able to continue to process the DCPs (or create KDMs), the native film keys (so-called DCP digest) of the respective DCPs must be transferred manually into the folder structure of the newly activated easyDCP Resolve.

Please proceed as follows:

  1. Copy all contained files from the following directory:
    • OS X:
      • /Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/easyDCP/KDMs
    • Windows:
      • C:\ProgramData\Blackmagic Design\DaVinci Resolve\Support\easyDCP\KDMs
  2. Transfer these files to the corresponding directory on which the newly activated easyDCP Resolve is located.

Note: The use of these files is independent of whether your target system uses the same operating system or not. If you have easyDCP+ standalone application, these DCP-Digest files can also be re-processed here.

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Resolve Plugin Permanent Licens only version 1.0.50 and 1.1
easyDCP Creator+/
easyDCP Player+
Permanent Licens only till version 3.8.9
IMF Studio all License types from version 4.0.X


IMF Studio (easyDCP Creator+/Player+ till version 3.8.9) and easydcp Resolve Plugin supports SMPTE IMF-Specifications: App2/App 2E

For more details "What is IMF" please check: IMF - Interopable Masterformat

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Applications  Status: Permanent License  All Versions
IMF Studio Status: Permanent License from Version 4.0.X


Your service options when using easyDCP products:

Sales support is always free:

All questions regarding the products and their features.

    • Purchase of easyDCP Products
    • Questions for manage payments,
    • Handling for discounts for Non Profit organiasations
    • usw. 

Prices for easyDCP products you can find here
Sales support is available for everyone. Please use the Service or contact form in Sales Support

License and Subscription support is always free:

Questions about activation, migration, available updates and upgrades as well as the status of licenses.
All technical service options are available in your web account www.easyDCP.com at My Products  

License support is available for every customer independent from the service status. Please use the Service or contact form in Sales Support

Technical support is free when service status is valid:

 Usage and troubleshooting for all easyDCP Plus / IMF Studio solutions

Technical support requires a valid subscription or a service contract for the respective easyDCP Package/application. Please use the Service or contact form in Technical Support.

Online Roamingsupport is free when service status is valid:

Usage and troublshooting 

Online Roaming requires a valid subscription or a service contract for the respective easyDCP Package/IMF Studio application. Please use the Service or contact form in Technical Support.

Find answers to important questions about your licenses

Subsriptions prolongation for easyDCP Plus:

Customers can at any time extend and renew their subscription. The period to be extended is either seamlessly added to the term of the existing subscription.  If the subscription has already expired, it will be reactivated when the renewal is complete.

Hint: Customers are invited to use the automatic renewal with every purchase. This can also be set up manually afterwards. 
You can find more details here

Service and service extensions for customer with permanent licenses:

Each new purchased easyDCP Plus comes with a valid service contract lasting for 6 months. Within this period, technical service, cost free updates and online roaming for the respective package are included without any additional payment. 

Once the service is about to expire, customers will be notified by e-mail. It is highly recommended to extend the service extension from minimum of 6 months. It will always be appended to the end of the current service-period. If the customer decides for a automatic service subscription the service extendes for another 6 month automatically.

In case a customer decided not to prolong the support and no new version of specific package has been released, it is still possible to get back into normal service. A reactivation (calculated form the regular service fee) for the period between previous service and the date the client wants to get back into support has to be paid. 

If a new version of specific package has been released during a non-support period, no prolongation of the (expired) service is in this moment possible. Here clients have to purchase a onetime fee in order to get the latest version of the easyDCP Plus/IMF Studio package. The update price depends on the date when the previous service extension has ended and the date the client purchased the update for his respective easyDCP Plus/IMF Studio package.
The younger the last license the lower the update fee.
Note: Updates comes without automatic prolongation of service extension.

Hint: Customers are invited to use the  automatic service renewal with every purchase. This can also be set up manually afterwards. You can find more details here

Migrations is always free

Valid for Customer using their licenses with Offline Activation:

Migrating your easyDCP/IMF Studio offline licenes to a new hardware or re-activating a license after changing components in your existing hardware is always possible. 
For security reasons, repetitive migrations are blocked for 6 months without prior agreement.   
For further details please check: How can I perform a migration (hardware/operating-system-change)

Major and Minor Updates costs are dependent on type and service status see below:

Updates will arrive as needed. Estimate 2 to 6 updates per year.

  • Customers with Subscriptions can always download the the latest version and use them immidiately. 

  • Customers with Permanent License and valid service have free access to updated versions of the appropriade package.

    • Customers using Online Activation can always download the the latest version and use them immidiately.

    • Customers using Offline Activation maybe needs to request for a new license (see Release Types). 

Release Types: 
Major releases
(e.g. 4.2 to 4.3 or e.g. 3.9 to 4.0) - is free when service status is valid
always a new license is required. 
For your support please check: How do I activate my easyDCP Plus oder IMF Studio product

Minor releases (4.2.1 to 4.2.2) - is always free within a major release
do not require a new license. In principle there is no need to update the certificates (signer and/or server) for a software update.

  • Customers without valid service follow instrution in section before: Service and service extensions

  • Updates for the easyDCP Resolve plugin are always delivered by Blackmagic Design within the software DaVinci Resolve and are therefore not subject to this procedure. New functions (upgrades) may only be available to customers with a valid service.

Upgrade is free when service status is valid:

available for easyDCP Licenses < 4.0 and easyDCP / IMF Singlelicenes

The button Purchase Upgrade within your web account at Single Licenses shows the available and most cost-effective options for an upgrade.


If your question has not been answered please do not hesitate to contact use on the Service section or contact form in Sales Support

Version 1.0.50
  • Added Support for the IMF Format

easyDCP introduces a new and important function with easyDCP+ Version 3.4: easyDCP DCP/IMF-Package Validator

The function is integrated in easyDCP Creator+ and easyDCP Player+. Validation can be performed on encrypted and unencrypted files.  

The easyDCP validation check includes:
- Syntax checks of the metadata
- Compliance check of image and sound files
- Review the current and desired DCP / IMF-Package naming convention 

For immediate diagnosis, the easyDCP Validation Report provides a traffic light view with OK, warnings and "red" for errors.
The easyDCP Validation Report also includes a detailed evaluation. It consists of an HTML file, which can also be opened offline with any browser.
This file provides detailed information on the results of the validation and, if applicable, specific notes on the occurrence of warnings and errors.

A sample of DCP validation can be found here:

To perform a validation:

easyDCP Player+

  1. Menu: File > Open Package
  2. Select the DCP or IMF package to validate and start it in the playlist
  3. Menu: Asset > Validate
  4. Press "Start"
  5. Dialog Box: Select "Open Report" to open the easyDCP Valdiation Report in your browser   

easyDCP Creator+

  1. Coose in first dialog: Open Projekt/Package
  2. Select the DCP or IMF package to validate and start it in the playlist
  3. Menu: Package > Validate
  4. Press "Start"
  5. Dialog Box: Select "Open Report" to open the easyDCP Valdiation Report in your browser


  • Interested parties can test the function in the respective demoversion but detailed hints are hidden.
  • Encrypted DCPs can currently be validated with a valid DKDM.

easyDCP Validation Report as proof of quality:

Fraunhofer IIS provided the essential prerequisite for the DCI Compliance Test Plan. With the new easyDCP Validator you get the perfect tool to run the test plan fully automatically. The conclusive easyDCP Validation Report can be attached to DCP delivery or IMF package delivery as a quality and compliance proof. 

easyDCP Validation verifies the following conformities:

  • DCP: according to SMPTE ST 429
  • IMF-Package: asccorting to SMPTE ST 2067 

as well as other "Common Practice Tests" which have resulted from years of experience. E.g. Digital Cinema Naming Convention, checks of subtitles outside of the area that can be read by the creator.  

The generation of personalized signer certificates for certain easyDCP applications is a free service provided by Fraunhofer IIS.

New personalized signer certificates will be issued with every License & Certificate Request during new installation of after migration of the software.

Requirements to get personalized signer certificates issued by Fraunhofer IIS are:

  • The email-domain used for your web-account at http://www.easyDCP.com and the requested domain within the License & Certificate Set-request must match.
  • Requested domain for validation is not a public address like e. g. gmail.com, t-online.de etc. Blacklist is supported.
  • If a comprehensible reason exist that email domain and requested domain cannot match please contact info@easydcp.com 
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP KDM Generator+    All Versions  
easyDCP KDM Generator   up to Version 3.8.9  


The procedure is different in every country. We can't send you the certificates.

  • The best way is to ask the cinema owners directly. They should have current certificates of their projection systems in their screening rooms or tell you the model and serial number.
  • Another option is to contact the server manufacturer directly.
  • If you have the model and serial number, you can contact the server manufacturer and ask for access to their database.