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Bring your film project to the big screen! With this new solution by easyDCP you are able to encode DCI compliant 2k or 4k DCPs. The free easyDCP Publisher software provides you with the core functions of easyDCP Creator and easyDCP Player, the leading software for the Digital Cinema distribution workflow.

Encode and preview your content for free – and when you want to publish your DCP: Pay as you go. Published DCPs can be edited cost free for 3 months.

Download easyDCP Publisher
It's so easy

1. Download free Software

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Download the easyDCP Publisher app for Windows or MacOS and install it. With easyDCP Publisher your work locally on your computer – only the licensing is done on the easyDCP sever. To use it you have therefore to be online and logged into your easyDCP account.

2. Render and preview

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Create a project, choose your parameters, and turn your content into a DCI-compliant DCP. You can review the results in the integrated player.

3. Purchase and Publish

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In order to save the DCP outside the environment of easyDCP Publisher and use it as you wish, you can purchase the activation without having to leave the software. Prices depend on the duration of your film by the minute.


easyDCP Publisher is a lean, fast, easy to use all-in-one solution to encode DCI compliant 2k or 4k DCPs. With its project based license model easyDCP Publisher provides a cost-conscious way to prepare movies for the playback on Digital Cinema servers with minimal commercial risks and effort.

Pay-as-you-go license model
Edit and re-publish DCPs cost free for 3 months
Render Interop/SMPTE DCPs without any watermarks using off-the-shelf computer hardware (PC or Mac)
Playback rendered DCPs in real-time
Support for 2K, 4K, Stereoscopic (3D)
Subtitle support
Integrated, configurable image processing (scaling, flat/scope, color processing)
Create DCPs from still pictures (e.g. JPEG or PNG)
Best available image quality
easyDCP Publisher is the ideal solution for anyone who only occasionally needs to create a DCP

Developed especially for you

easyDCP Publisher is your cost-effective entry into professional cinema film production. You use the proven technology of the leading easyDCP software suite on a project basis. That is why easyDCP Publisher is the ideal solution for anyone who only occasionally needs to create a DCP.

Download easyDCP Publisher and try it.

Download easyDCP Publisher
Film festivals

As an organizer of a film festival you receive contributions, which still have to be transformed into a DCP? With easyDCP Publisher, you can create the necessary Digital Cinema Packages yourself - with minimal effort and low, clearly defined costs. Or you can recommend the use of easyDCP Publisher to the participating filmmakers. This gives you DCPs that reliably run on a DCI compliant cinema system. And the festival may begin.

Film schools and students

There is much to learn until you become a good film professional. No matter what subject it is, in the end there are film projects that document the success of the students. If you want to see the results on the big screen, you will have to pack them in a DCP. Do it right, do it professionally, use easyDCP Publisher.

Small postproduction companies

You have to deliver a DCP from time to time, but you do not want to invest in your own easyDCP licenses right now? You do not need to give your projects away to have them packaged as DCPs. With easyDCP Publisher you quickly create standard DCPs, check the results in the integrated player, and only pay when you activate the DCP for delivery.

Newcomers and multi-media creators

There's always a first time. You're a semiprofessional filmmaker who finally wants to bring his project to the silver screen? As an advertising video professional you now want to enter the cinema business? You have an art or media project that is supposed to make an impression with the help of digital cinema technology? easyDCP Publisher opens the screen to everyone. Digital Cinema Packages can even be made from still pictures. Create, preview - and if the result is right, pay by minute for the length of your DCP. The silver screen is yours.

Cinema owners

You want to promote your own events and offers? Nothing is easier than this: With easyDCP Publisher, the advertising for your next opera live stream or the footage of your Star Wars fan event can be professionally displayed on your screens.

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