easyDCP Publisher Pay as you go

Bring your film project to the big screen! With this upcoming new service by easyDCP you will be able to encode DCI compliant 2k or 4k DCPs. The free easyDCP Publisher client will give you access to the core functions of easyDCP Creator and easyDCP Player, the leading software for the Digital Cinema distribution workflow. Encode, play back, share – and when you want to publish your DCP: Pay as you go.

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1. Download free Software

Download the easyDCP Publisher client for Windows or MacOS and install it. easyDCP Publisher is a web-based service with a strong local component. To use it you have to be online and logged into your easyDCP account.

2. Render and preview

Create a project, choose your parameters, and turn your content into a DCI-compliant DCP. You can review the results in the player of your own client and share them with up to three other easyDCP Publisher users.

3. Purchase and Publish

In order to save the DCP outside the environment of easyDCP Publisher and use it as you wish, you can purchase the activation in the easyDCP web-shop. Prices depend on the duration of your film by the minute.


easyDCP Publisher gives you cost-conscious access to the proven easyDCP technologies. With the pay-as-you-go license model every-one can start to create cinema movies with minimal commercial risks and effort. easyDCP Publisher is a lean, fast, easy to use solution perfectly tailored to your needs.

The ideal solution for everyone who needs to generate a DCP only once in a while, especially small and medium sized post-production houses, film festivals or individual film-makers.

Pay-as-you-go license model
Render Interop/SMPTE DCPs without any watermarks using off-the-shelf computer hardware (PC or Mac)
Playback rendered DCPs in real-time
Support for 2K, 4K, Stereoscopic (3D)
Subtitle support
Integrated, configurable image processing (scaling, flat/scope, color processing)
Create DCPs from still pictures (e.g. JPEG or PNG)
Best available image quality

easyDCP Publisher is currently receiving its final touches and quality control. In a few weeks the unique service will be available. Sign up today and we will keep you informed, so you will be among the first to use easyDCP Publisher. We do not share your email address and the registration is also without any obligation as the download and usage of the software are free of charge. You will only pay as you go – when you're going to use a DCP created with easyDCP Publisher.