easyDCP Resolve Plugin

Integrated with Hollywood's most powerful and creative color grading software

easyDCP Resolve is fully integrated with DaVinci Resolve. It allows all projects created in DaVinci Resolve to be output as both encrypted and unencrypted DCP or unencrypted IMF packages using the proven easyDCP processes. Similarly, DCPs and IMF Packages can be played back within DaVinci Resolve.

Available for Davinci Resolve on Windows 64bit, macOS and Linux.

easyDCP Resolve Plugin

Export standard compliant encrypted and unencrypted Interop/SMPTE DCPs and IMF Packages
Playback encrypted and unencrypted DCPs as well as IMF-Packages
Edit existing DCPs and IMF Packages
Generate KDMs for delivery to digital cinemas


Permanent license


pay once

  • Single purchase
  • 6 month service incl.
  • Fully integrated in Davinci Resolve
  • Offline licensing

easyDCP Resolve Plugin


Main features

Creation of standard compliant 2K/4K Interop and SMPTE DCPs
Encryption for DCP creation
Creation of standard compliant HD/UHD IMF Packages
Playback of unencrypted DCPs and IMF-Packages
Playback of encrypted DCPs
KDM Generation
Adjustable max. bitrate for DCP Encoding
Export of existing DCPs and IMF-Packages
Scaling and Cropping
Utilization of JPEG 2000 scalability

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The demo version of the easyDCP Resolve Plugin is already included with DaVinci Resolve.
Click below to learn how to enable the easyDCP Resolve Plugin and the limitations of the demo version.