Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP:   All applications without service    all versions < 4.0
easyDCP Plugin:     all versions
easyDCP: Legacy licenses    all versions
also for 
easyDCP Plus:   Offline licenses with permanent license  from version 4.0
IMF Studio: Offline licenses with permanent license   from version 4.0
easyDCP Plus: Single licences with permanent license   from version 4.0
IMF Studio: Single licenses with permanent license   from version 4.0


How to find your licenses up to easyDCP 3.8.9 and others.

With the update to the new website, we have tried to keep the usual processes as before to make the changeover as easy as possible for you. However, there are some changes in how to find your licenses.

And this is how you find your easyDCP applications up to easyDCP 3.8.9:

  1. Login to the webshop as usual.

  2. Select My Products in the top menu.

  3. You will find a new section: Single Licenses 
    Here you can find easyDCP licenses up to Version 3.8.9 (without service) and easyDCP plugin licenses. Your previous legacy and bonus licenses can be found under Previous Licenses.

  4. When you select a desired easyDCP application entry, a submenu opens. Here you can select different services like e.g. download, migration, activation and upgrade.
    Available services depend on the type and the status of the license. 

As part of the conversion to the easyDCP Plus and IMF Studio packages, we have migrated your licenses with valid service. You can find an overview of your previous licenses in My Products after the section Single Licenses with the button Previous Licenses.

NOTE: Licenses that did not have a service at the time of the migration can be upgraded to one of the new packages for a fee. For your comfort, use the new button Purchase Upgrades next to the headline Single Licenses. Here, the webshop shows the best update/upgrade options for your licenses.