easyDCP Player family

easyDCP Player allows to playback DCP's (Digital Cinema Packages) without specific cinema equipment on a Microsoft PC or MAC. CPU or GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) can accelerate the decoding and provide real-time playback of 2k DCP's of JPEG2000 sequences.

For a first experience with this software and the DCP playback we offer a free download of a special trial version of both versions of easyDCP Player(+). The trial versions allows playback of any DCP for 15 sec. easyDCP Player+ allows also playback of DCPs/IMPs in HD SDI if a compatible adapter is available.

Core functionality of easyDCP Player:

  • Playback of 2k/4k DCPs in variable resolutions
  • Loads DCPs, MXF and JPEG2000-Sequences
  • easyDCP Player is available for MAC and Windows

easyDCP Player is also cost effective available in easyDCP Bundle!

Includes following functions additional to the functions of easyDCP Player:

  • Intuitive Timeline-Navigation
  • Playback of encrypted DCPs and non crypted IMF packages
  • Playback of stereoscopic (3D) DCPs
  • Export of video and sound files from DCPs/IMF packages into e.g. Quicktime

easyDCP Player+ is also cost effective available in easyDCP Bundle