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easyDCP Publisher

Final Cut Pro X Bridge:

Bring your project to the big screen

Bring your project to the big screen
Example prices
30 sec. = 49.98(incl. VAT)
20 min. = 95.20(incl. VAT)
90 min. = 226.10(incl. VAT)
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Price table
Duration Base price Cost per min (2D) Cost per min (3D)
0-5 min 47.60 € 2.38 € 3.57 €
6-59 min 59.50 € 1.79 € 2.98 €
60+ min 119.00 € 1.19 € 2.38 €

In case you have any questions about pricing please see our support information.

How to bring your project to the big screen?

It is as easy as:

  • 1. Finish your project in Final Cut Pro X
  • 2. Share your movie with easyDCP Publisher Bridge
  • 3. Preview the DCP and unlock it for delivery

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How it works:

easyDCP Publisher is your cost-effective entry into professional cinema film production.

You use the proven technology of the leading easyDCP software suite on a project basis.