Frequently Asked Question

Please note: Playback of stereoscopic DCPs is an exclusive feature of easyDCP Player+. The basic edition - easyDCP Player - will play back stereoscopic DCPs, but it will only display a single channel. 

In easyDCP Player+, on the other hand, you can select from a whole range of output options, all of which you can test in the demo version.

  • For the best 3D experience, you should use a professional Nvidia Quadro graphics card.
  • Once you enable the stereo mode in your graphics driver control panel, you will be able to select the "Quad-buffered Stereo" output option in easyDCP Player+. Left and right images will be handed in full quality to the graphics driver.
  • In the graphics driver control panel you can select from different output options. For instance, it is possible to play each channel on a separate DVI link and connect your stereo-capable projector. Or you can use the active shutter glasses (e.g. 3D Vision) and view DCPs on your 120 Hz LCD display.
  • But you can also screen your stereoscopic DCPs with a regular consumer-level GeForce graphics device. easyDCP Player+ implements all the widely-used interleaving modes, such as top-and-bottom, left-and-right, line-by-line, checkerboard, etc., providing compatibility with most 3D TVs. Just full screen easyDCP Player+ and hook up your 3D TV with a DVI or HDMI cable.
  • Be aware, that for all interleaved modes, either the horizontal or vertical resolution will be halved.
  • Finally, you can select from a range of anaglyph viewing modes and others such as "difference", "blend", "left only", "right only" and "both channels alternating".
  • For dual projector playback please follow this instruction provided from NVIDEA