Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus:   all applications  with permanent license   from version 4.0  
IMF Studio: all applications  with permanent license  from version 4.0  


How to use your application with Offline Activation


  • You have downloaded the desired easyDCP Plus or IMF Studio installer from the webshop at MY PRODUCTS and installed it on your hardware.
  • You have a permanent licence.
  • You have switched in the Webhop under License Packages the corresponding license to Create Offline License

For your information: When using your easyDCP application with Offline Activation, the services "online activation" and "roaming mode" are deactivated!

Follow this steps:

  • Start your application:
  • Start the program in Demo/Offline Mode mode via the login window

    Username/Password/Device Name/Remember Password
    Ignore these fields

    Demo/Offline Mode
    Launch your application in demo/offline mode

  • Select "Preferences (OSX)" or "Options (WINDOWS)" in the application. Use option "Activation Status" and select "Request License&Certificates".

  • Fill out the form according to the instructions displayed and select "Submit". The easyDCP website opens automatically in your browser.

  • Log in to your account and select the license to be activated. The license and certificate set will be created.


  • Download your "License & Certificate" set from your license status. Go back to your easyDCP application where you want to activate the Offline mode. Open the same menu as in the previous step and import the "License & Certificate" set with the option "Import License & Certificates".

  • Now the offline mode is activated and you can use your program as usual.

  • An online connection of the respective hardware is no longer required.

  • The Online Activation mode is deactivated for this license.  

If you need to use your application again in roaming mode with the online activation, please contact us here.