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Tagged as: Changelog
  • added warning when editrate of imported material doesn't match project configuration
  • bugfix: reencode mode gets reset in some cases
  • bugfix: command line interface not working in demo mode
  • added auto-update for some DCNC entries
  • bugfix: validation sometimes fails on first run due to mismatch of subsampling
  • bugfix: invalid warning about inconsistent edit rate/duration for CPL and MXF when sound track is used in two compositions
  • bugfix: adding second sound/subtitle clip in timeline not working as intended
  • bugfix: custom filenaming can break generation
  • bugfix: frame duplication using web license when connection failure happens during generation
  • bugfix: channel preset when editing audio source doesn't match the preset in use
  • made CPL Creator tag optional
  • bugfix: OPL gets lost when generating with Track File Trimming enabled
  • bugfix: Dolby Vision metadata gets lost when generating with Track File Trimming enabled
  • bugfix: Dolby Vision metadata version for black frames always 2.0.5
  • bugfix: subtitle position in CPL preview shifted when there is a gap in front
  • bugfix: force no-reencoding possible for sources not matching target format (e.g. none JPEG 2000 encoded files)
  • bugfix: inconsistent file naming when using Copy MXF option
  • bugfix: some DCNC audio tags aren't extracted
  • updated macOS minimum requirements
  • improved Copy MXF speed
  • added possibility to merge CPLs from another package into the opened project
  • added possibility to choose XYZ destination color space
  • bugfix: duplicated mxf with track file trimming when using same track file in multiple CPLs
  • bugfix: codestream validation test fails when two CPLs use different resolutions
  • bugfix: legal range color conversion wrong
  • added option to export License to create a backup
  • added option to remove License from settings to allow for an easier transition to new licensing model
  • fix regression: crash when generating from Quicktime source