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Tagged as: Changelog
  • fix: Loading of 3D Lut color transformation files.
  • fix: Use correct aspect ratio in description for FLAT safe area overlay.
  • new: Add "Don't show again" to export output folder not empty warning dialog.
  • fix: On restart negative values for audio latency values where increased by one.
  • new: Composition Markers
  • new: Reading of DPX 12bit packed
  • fix: Reactivate support for PPM files
  • bugfix: IMF Studio Player doesn't launch when Windows username contains special characters
  • bugfix: dragging playlist item to timeline deletes it from playlist
  • bugfix: timeline becoming unresponsive adding certain audio files
  • bugfix: opening unwrapped package from export dialog doesn't work
  • bugfix: sometimes single frames aren't color transformed on export
  • added back support for 32bit wave file exports
  • bugfix: cancelling export to network drive causes a crash
  • bugfix: re-opening export dialog after a failed export causes a crash
  • bugfix: H.264 export with odd dimension raises error
  • bugfix: dropping package on login widgets deletes the package
  • bugfix: empty Rating entries in CPL cause package loading to fail
  • bugfix: command line interface not working in demo mode
  • added auto-update for some DCNC entries
  • bugfix: SDI color space selection is restored on startup but wrong one is used for display
  • bugfix: validation sometimes fails on first run due to mismatch of subsampling
  • bugfix: invalid warning about inconsistent edit rate/duration for CPL and MXF when sound track is used in two compositions
  • bugfix: some DCNC audio tags aren't extracted
  • bugfix: audio playback stops on track borders when previewing supplemental imfproj
  • updated macOS minimum requirements
  • improved compatibility with older macOS versions
  • bugfix: codestream validation test fails when two CPLs use different resolutions
  • bugfix: SDI output color space not stored/restored
  • bugfix: legal range color conversion in export wrong
  • added option to export License to create a backup
  • added option to remove License from settings to allow for an easier transition to new licensing model