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Tagged as: Changelog
  • new: Add disable picture forensic mark flag option.
  • new: Move forensic mark flag options from menu to advanced settings.
  • new: Add CLI option to pass certificate data as string.
  • new: Add CLI option to pass KDM/DCP-Digest as Base64 encoded string.
  • new: Add browse option to export server certificate message.
  • fix: Automatically add forensic marking flags if ATMOS key is detected.
  • new: KDM validity is not limited by signer or server certificate validity.
  • bugfix: certificate thumbprint in KDMs causing servers to fail to ingest KDM
  • bugfix: logging broken
  • updated macOS minimum requirements
  • added support for digest folder using CLI
  • added option to export License & Certificate Set to create a backup
  • added option to remove License & Certificate from settings to allow for an easier transition to new licensing model