Frequently Asked Question
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Support for creating stereoscopic 2K DCPs is a feature exclusive to easyDCP Creator+. When you add a new picture track,  you will be prompted to specify separate file sequences for the left and right eye. Other than that, the steps are identical to creating a 2D DCP.


- creating 4K 3D DCPs is not supported

- creating a 3D picture track from side-by-side images or from stereoscopic QuickTime movies is not supported

- creating a 3D picture track from a 2D QuickTime movie is not supported. As a workaround, use easyDCP JPEG Transcoder to convert each file individually into a JPEG2000 sequence and subsequently, back in easyDCP Creator+, create a stereo picture track file based on the two JPEG2000 sequences. In easyDCP JPEG 2000 Transcoder, remember to select "3D" option, so that a configured maximum bitrate of 250Mbit/s will internaly be halfed to 125Mbit/s per eye.