Frequently Asked Questions

The content decryption context menu is only available in the

  • easyDCP Creator+
  • easyDCP Player+
  • easyDCP KDM Generator+

The option

(File ->) Content Decryption -> Export Public Server Certificate

will copy both the public leaf certificate (easydcpcreator_.cert.sha256.crt) and the signature chain (easydcpcreator _.chain.sha256.pem) to the selected folder. The signature chain contains the leaf certificate as well as intermediate certificates and the root certificate. You may safely distribute these certificates to content providers who want to issue a Distribution KDM to your easyDCP + installation.

When issuing (D)KDMs with easyDCP KDM Generator+, place only the leaf certificate file (*.crt) into the server certificate’s folder or just drag and drop it into the corresponding input form.

HINT: Every easyDCP Application uses different Server Certificates. KDMs issued for one easyDCP application cannot be used in any other easyDCP application.