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Practical Creation of Supplemental (VF):

How to split Subtitle Files in Reels with easyDCP Player+


Imagine the following situation:

  • The original version (OV) of a DCP or IMF package has already been delivered to the cinema or a partner / studio.
  • Now the film must be subtitled. However, the subtitles are only in the form of a single file, while the OV is divided into several reels / sequences.
  • The delivery should be a smaller supplemental (VF) containing only the subtitle files tailored to the OV.

Tip: Subtitle files should always be trimmed to the length of the associated reel for maximum projector compatibility.
AND: The use of Supplementals is very similar for DCPs and IMF packages.


To automatically subdivide a subtitle file into reels / sequences, proceed as follows:

  1. First load the OV into the easyDCP Player+:
  2. Drop your subtitle file onto the composition:
  3. Your subtitle file will now be automatically cut and trimmed according to the existing reel / sequence boundaries and inserted in the playlist as "external subtitles" (shown in italics):
  4. The subtitle files can now be exported to a directory and, if necessary, further processed with the easyDCP Creator+. To do this, press the "e" key, select a destination folder in the export wizard and the menu item "Create supplemental easyDCP project with external subtitles":
  5. Close the wizard and press "Open Project" to open the project in the easyDCP Creator+:
  6. Your project will now be loaded as a VF with the individual subtitle files in easyDCP Creator+:
  7. Do not forget to change the composition title according to the Digital Cinema Naming Convention e.g. "OV" to "VF-1").
  8. Finally, generate a new VF as usual.

Please note:
Creation of Supplementals is only supported in easyDCP Creator+. This template was created with easyDCP Creator+ / Player+ Version 3.5.8. Previous versions may not yet include this feature, but newer versions may run slightly differently.