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There are three essential steps to successfully create a DCP/IMF package with 5.1/7.1 audio in DaVinci Resolve:

  1. EDIT tab: Drag all audio files into a timeline, e.g. when you have six mono channel audio files, this will create audio tracks A1, A2, ..., A6. In this case all six audio tracks A1-A6 have to be of the Track Type "Mono". When importing a multi-channel 5.1 audio file, Resolve will recognize it and automatically display the clip as multiple audio tracks, so the Track Type is "5.1". In both cases the order for 5.1 is L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs.[MM1] 

  2. EDIT tab: Open the Audio Track Mixer and set the number of channels for the Master to "6" for 5.1 audio and "8" for 7.1 audio. For mono channel audio files as input, please also check if all audio channels are mixed correctly, so for "Audio 1" there also should be only channel "1" used as input (Default is "1 + 2" for all mono audio tracks, so you would end up with a mix of input channels 1 and 2 for all output channels).

After step 1) and 2) you should end up with a configuration for the audio tracks like these on the EDIT tab:

  • In case for using multiple mono channel audio files as input:

    Übersicht   Übersicht

  • In case for using a single multi-channel audio file as input:

  1. DELIVER tab: In "Render Settings" -> "Audio" choose to export the “Timeline Track” and make sure the correct channel layout is indicated. When using a multi-channel input and a 5.1 track on the timeline, this is how it should look like:


    When working with mono inputs and multiple timeline tracks, add all required tracks and set the track numbers in ascending order, as seen here:


These recommendations apply regardless of the use of Fairlight.