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easyDCP Player+  Status: All Licenses  all Versions
IMF Player Status: All Licenses from Version 4.0.X


Yes, easyDCP Player+ and IMF Player supports all Blackmagic Design Ultra Studio and DeckLink series output devices for video and audio.

The performance of such a set-up depends on various parameters and is not only determined by the HD/SDI interface card.
The Graphic Board Check (PDF) table shows some example set-ups as well as the measured performance using certain HD/SDI interfaces.


  • Stereo 3D output is not supported.
  • Recently 4k output via HD-SDI is not real-time capable.
  • The minimally required driver version is 9.7.7.
  • HD-SDI output is a feature exclusive to easyDCP Player+. It is not available in the basic edition.