Frequently Asked Questions

HINT: The usage of supplementals is very similar for DCPs and IMF-Packages.

Here is the sample situation:

  • A DCP or IMF-Package is created with 3 reels
  • Each reel contains 1.000 frames
  • The original version (OV) of the DCP or IMF-Package is already distributed/delivered to the partner

Assume the following problem:

  • All video frames between no. 1.400 and no. 1.500 have problems and must be replaced with a supplemental package

For a better understanding, please check the theoretical solution first:

  1. The existing playlist "CPL a" with three reels/sequences has 100 sequent and faulty frames (red) in reel/sequence #2:
  2. The way of mastering the supplemental package is to
    • split reel #2 in two seperate reels (here "Reel 2" and "Reel 4") and modify "Duration" and "Offset" for video and audio (subtitles if used)
    • create a new reel (here "Reel 3") which contains the corrected frames and fitting audio (subtitles if used)
    • every previous used trackfile can be reference for the Supplemental

  3. The final content of the supplemental package is the following:
    This new supplemental package now contains the new video frames, references to the audio track (subtitle track(s) if used) and the new CPL.

 Now we show you how to handle it with easyDCP Creator+ (here: Version 3.4.11)

  1. Here is the existing Package openend in easyDCP Creator+
    • load the package which needs to be corrected
    • select the affected CPL you need to repair with a Supplemental Package

  2. Copy this CPL
    • press the button "Duplicate Composition"
    • mark the selected trackfile(s) of your choice as reference
      • right click on trackfile
      • select option "Supplemental"
      • select "This Trackfile"
    • load the corrected frames as new trackfile (here: listed as picture track #4)

  3. Copy the affected "Reel 2"
    • select "Reel 2"
    • press the button "Duplicate Reel" (here it becomes "Reel 3")
    • edit the duration for "Reel 2"
      • right click on picture track in "Reel 2"
      • select option "Edit Parameters" or press "P"
      • change the duration in frames from 1000 to 399
    • edit the offset for "Reel 3"
      • right click on picture track in "Reel 3"
      • select option "Edit Parameters" or press "P"
      • change offset in frames from 0 to 501
    • The same process needs to be done also for audio and subtitles (if used)

  4. Create a new reel that will contain the corrected picture track 
    • drag'n'drop the new picture file from "Tracks" into the next empty reel (here: "Reel 5") at the end of the duplicated CPL
    • add sound and subtitles (if used)
    • Now, "Reel 5" is ready to replace the missing content between "Reel 2" and "Reel 3"

  5. Move "Reel 5" between "Reel 2" and "Reel 3"
    • drag'n'drop "Reel 5" between "Reel 2" and "Reel 3"
      ("Reel 3" will automatically become "Reel 4")

Don't forget to rename the new CPL and press "Generate Package".

The result will be a Supplemental DCP or IMF-Package that will replace the faulty frames when it's used together with the previous package (e.g. playback or further processing of the DCP at the cinema/partner)

Please note: Supplemental packages are only supported in easyDCP Creator+.