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This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP  from Version 3.X


Easy, fast and reliable packaging:

Convert a supplemental package (VF) into a new standalone package (OV) with easyDCP


Imagine the following situation:

  • The original version (OV) of a DCP or IMF package as well as an additional version file (VF) have already been generated and work flawlessly.
  • Now, from the VF, which works in the studio or cinema only together with the OV, a new independent and self-contained OV shall be generated, so that only this single package must be transferred or ingested and so errors are avoided.
  • The generation should be easy, quick and without re-encoding. Important metadata such as offset / entry point and duration remain the same.



  • The use of supplemental packages is very similar for DCPs and IMF packages.
  • Also works with encrypted packages.
  • Easy, fast and reliable packaging through exported project files from the easyDCP Player+.

To convert a VF as well as the data from the associated OV to a new standalone OV, follow these steps:

  1. First, download your OV and the VF in easyDCP Player+. In the opened playlist, you can recognize the identical file name, which references the VF files from the OV (here: OV contains picture and sound tracks, VF only contains the subtitle track):
  2. Now open the Export Wizard via "Asset | Export ", select "Unwrap DCP and create easyDCP project":
  3. Start the export by clicking on "Next" and "Export". After exporting, open the project file created by the easyDCP Player+ in the easyDCP Creator+ with the button "Open project in easyDCP Creator+":
  4. Make sure that in the easyDCP Creator+ under "Options | Package Generation" the option "Force re-encoding of JPEG 2000 codestreams" is deactivated to avoid time-consuming coding again:
  5. Do not forget to change the CPL title from "VF" to "OV":
  6. Finally, generate the new OV package as usual by clicking on "Generate Package". When you open the new OV package in the easyDCP Player for checking purposes, you can see that it now contains all the tracks itself needed for the playback (here: picture, sound and subtitles):

Please note:
This template was created with easyDCP Player+ / Creator+ Version 3.6.2. Previous versions may not yet include this feature, but in newer versions, the process may be slightly different.