Frequently Asked Questions
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This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus  Status: Permanent License  from Version 4.0.1  
IMF Studio Status: Permanent License from Version 4.0.1  


How do I activate the new online roaming services if I have already activated the new easyDCP version in the Offline mode?

  • The affected easyDCP Plus / IMF Studio (Version ≥ 4.0.1) is already installed and activated as Offline License.

The reset to the online activation takes place in 2 steps. 

Step 1: Preparation of the easyDCP Plus / IMF Studio Program

  • Navigate to Preferences/Options > Activation Status 
  • Press the Button "Remove from settings"


  • Restart the affected easyDCP program and it will start again in online login mode.
    NOTE: You can't start the application with Online Activation without reset it also in your account settings 

Step 2: Resetting online activation in the webshop