Frequently Asked Question
This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Plus in online Activation from Version 4.0.X
IMF Studio in online Activation from Version 4.0.X


Licenses for easyDCP software can be activated in online mode on several computer systems (roaming). This applies as long as the service is valid.
When the service expires, the roamaing option is locked and activation is restricted to the last hardware on which the application was used.

This status is shown in your account at My Products:

Licensing: Device: Last active:
- Roaming (normal) Here you find the last device where your easyDCP application was used

Here you find your last active login on the displayed device 

- Single device
  (service is invalid)
- Offline mode

You can unlock and reactivate the roaming service by extending your service.  

However, if you decline to extend the service and need to move the easyDCP application to another computer or operating system you can do this easily using Migration function in the web shop:

  1. Login in your account at
  2. Select My Products
  3. Select the product you need to migrate
  4. Select: "migrate license"

After the migration is complete you can login on a new device. Next online activation assign the license to be used from this device until a new migration is required or you have extended your service.


  • There is a limit of one automatic migration in six months. If you require a second migration within the six months period, please inform us via email why it´s necassary.
  • Since server certificates are tied to the system hash, they become inaccessible after a migration. New certificates will be automatically created, but all KDMs issued to the old cerificates will no longer be accessible. Please check our FAQ: Server- and Signer- Certificates.