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This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP  from Version 3.X


Easy, fast and reliable packaging:

Create compliant packages with dummy subtitles in easyDCP Creator


Imagine the following situation:

  • Your partially subtitled DCP or IMF package contains reels / sequences like film leaders or credits that lack subtitles. Therefore it will not work in cinemas or it will be rejected by your parter / studio.
  • Now your package shall be fixed by adding blank dummy subtitles so that the package is fully compliant.
  • The dummy subtitles shall be automatically created in the proper format (e.g. conformity, frame rate, duration) eliminating manual errors.



  • Each reel must contain the same number of subtitle tracks for maximum compatibility with projectors.
  • Even works in the standard version of easyDCP Creator.
  • Also works with encrypted and IMF packages / TTML subtitle format.

To add blank dummy subtitles to a reel of your package, follow these steps:

  1. First, open your package in easyDCP Creator. Here you can see that one or more reels do not contain any subtitles (here: reel 1):
  2. Now right-click on the appropriate reel and select “Add Empty Subtitle”:
  3. A blank subtitle file called “Silence for …” will be added and created automatically during package generation. Technically speaking, it only contains a blank space in the first frame. It has the proper frame rate, format and duration:
  4. Finally, generate your new package as usual by clicking on "Generate Package".

Please note:
This template was created with easyDCP Creator+ Version 3.6.4. Previous versions may not yet include this feature, but in newer versions, the process may be slightly different.

This FAQ is valid for
easyDCP Creator+  All license modells  all Versions


Closed Captions are timed texts that are intended for hearing impaired audience members. Captions usually include the dialog and descriptions of sounds ("phone rings", "door slams" etc.). "Closed" means that the captions are off-screen and not visible to the entire audience. On the other hand, "open" or "burned-in" means that the captions are on-screen and visible to all viewers.

The following caption file formats are supported:

  • CineCanvas™ DLP Cinema™ Subtitle XML file
  • SMPTE ST 428-7 D-Cinema Distribution Master Subtitle XML file
  • SMPTE ST 429-5 D-Cinema Packaging Timed Text Track MXF file

To add closed captions in easyDCP Creator, simply drag the track file onto the reel. Then select the Display Type "Closed Caption (CCAP)":

You can add up to 16 Closed Captions per reel.

Please make sure that all referenced subtitle assets like fonts (.ttf, .otf) or images (.png) are available, otherwise package generation will fail.

Finally, please add the abbreviation "CCAP" to the composition playlist annotation text:

Please note: The DaVinci Resolve easyDCP Plugin does not yet support captions.