FAQs: Activation

Unfortunately we cannot issue licenses that are expiring after a few days. To evaluate the software, free trial versions can be downloaded.

The restrictions of the demo versions are:

  • easyDCP Creator Demo burns in a visible watermark into each frame.
  • easyDCP Player Demo decreases decoding quality and mutes audio after a playback time of 15 seconds.
  • easyDCP KDM Generator Demo generates KDMs with a maximum validity period of 48 hours, starting from the time when the KDM is generated.

Tip: You can also generate DCPs and pay on a project basis with easyDCP Publisher.

One easyDCP software license can be installed only on one computer system.

However, if you need to move the easyDCP license to another computer or operating system you can do this easily using Migration function in the web shop:

  1. Login in your account at www.easyDCP.com
  2. Select license status
  3. Select the product you need to migrate
  4. Select: "migrate license"

easyDCP Resolve Plug-In customers can get additional important informations for migration here

After the migration is complete you can generate a new license for the new ware system. Please refer to the following FAQ on how to activate your product.


  • There is a limit of one automatic migration in six months. If you require a second migration within the six months period, please inform us via email why it´s necassary.
  • Since server certificates are tied to the system hash, they become inaccessible after a migration. New certificates will be automatically created, but all KDMs issued to the old cerificates will no longer be accessible. Please check our FAQ: Server- and Signer- Certificates.

Migration with older Versions: For version easyDCP Creator(+)2.1.X and older, easyDCP Player(+)1.9.X and older, and easyDCP KDM Generator(+)1.47 and older, be prepared to use the new hashcode of your target hardware/software.

Different versions of easyDCP can be installed side-by-side

However be aware that the all share the same user application data folder, where state settings, KDMs, server and signer certificate and license are stored.  

easyDCP SAM Rio Plugin is fully integrated in SAM Rio. You can activate it without further installation according to the following instructions.

A documentation  how to license/activate your easyDCP SAM Rio Plugin is part of Pablo PA Installation & User Guide, Appendix B, A12.


  • Please use for domain- and username in request form only US character (no: é,*,# etc.)
  • The file extension for the request file must use the extension .html.

Further Links for easyDCP SAM Rio Plugin:

Find more information in your SAM Rio user manual

easyDCP Resolve Plugin is fully integrated in DaVinci Resolve. It runs in demo mode as long you haven't purchased a license and activate it.
You can activate it without further installation according following instructions.

Here is how you can activate your easyDCP Resolve Plugin:


  1. Open a private web account at www.easyDCP.com or use your already existing account.

  2. Open DaVinci Resolve and click "File". In the submenu you find the entry "easyDCP". Then click "Request License & Certificate". Follow the dialogue and click "Save". Please use a system that is connected to the Internet to make sure that the HTML Request you saved works.

  3. After opening the HTML Request file your browser will connect to our webshop www.easyDCP.com. Enter your login information and then the webshop offers you different options. Choose the option of your choice and later on easyDCP Resolve modules you want to activate.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you want to activate a easyDCP Resolve Bonus License and the prerequisites are met, the webshop would offer you to activate the related easysDCP Resolve module automatically.   

  4. Download your "License & Certificate" set from your license-status after it is just in time available. To finally activate your product use the "Import License & Certificate" function in your DaVinci Resolve 10/11/12 and import your downloaded set.


Please note:

  • Please use only US characters for the domain- and username in request form, e.g. no: é,*,# etc.
  • The file extension for the request file must use the extension .html.

Note: In Resolve 15, please make sure that the easyDCP decoder is used and the setting "DaVinci Resolve > Preferences > Configuration > Use easyDCP decoder" is switched on:


Further Links for easyDCP Resolve:


easyDCP plugin or easyDCP standalone. What is the better solution for me?

Special conditions for easyDCP full version customers

Download DaVinci Resolve inclusive easyDCP Resolve 

Find more information in your DaVinci Resolve User manual

 pic1Beginning with version 2.1, easyDCP Creator+ is capable of opening encrypted DCPs and using these DCPs as basis for new DCPs. There are basically two ways of providing the keys in order to allow easyDCP Creator+ to decrypt the content for the preview and for generating a new DCP.

If keys are provided by means of a proprietary Fraunhofer Digest file (*.dcpdig), it is assumed that the user generated the content and that he is in charge of the sources used for the original DCP generation. In this case you can alter all properties in easyDCP Creator+, including the deactivation of the encryption or the generation of a new encrypted DCP and Digest file.

 pic2If one provides the keys by means of Distribution KDM (or KDM), easyDCP Creator+ does not allow to disable the encryption nor does it generate the Fraunhofer Digest for the new DCP. In order to understand this behavior we have to explain that the Fraunhofer Digest stores the encryption key as plain text on the hard drive. If the Digest-option were not disabled, one could easily open an encrypted DCP together with a (D)KDM, generate a new encrypted DCP and store the encryption keys in plaintext. Since content-owners are very diligent with their content, Fraunhofer IIS decided to disable the option from the beginning.

Since the software does not permit you to generate a Digest, there has to be another way for communicating the encryption keys to another software. Using easyDCP Creator+ version 2.1 or higher this can be done by generating a (D)KDM directly from within easyDCP Creator+. The “Generate DCP…” dialog was extended to offer you to generate KDMs. By design, one (D)KDM will be generated for easyDCP Creator+ itself in order to make sure that one can open the DCP on the same computer using easyDCP Creator+ later. A second (D)KDM can be generated for another software being able to open (D)KDMs, including easyDCP KDM Generator+ and many other 3rd party hard-/and software tools.