FAQs: easyDCP Player

Unfortunately we cannot issue licenses that are expiring after a few days. To evaluate the software, free trial versions can be downloaded.

The restrictions of the demo versions are:

  • easyDCP Creator Demo burns in a visible watermark into each frame.
  • easyDCP Player Demo decreases decoding quality and mutes audio after a playback time of 15 seconds.
  • easyDCP KDM Generator Demo generates KDMs with a maximum validity period of 48 hours, starting from the time when the KDM is generated.

Tip: You can also generate DCPs and pay on a project basis with easyDCP Publisher.

  • bugfix: QuickTime Player was unable to playback exported containers with H.264
  • bugfix: validation reports were unnecessary large
  • bugfix: decoding issues due to usage of GPUs with low CUDA compute capability
  • added option to change component order for dpx input
  • bugfix: crash when opening export wizard due to deprecated settings entry
  • added audio meter for input and output channel peak visualization
  • added support for 3D subtitle preview
  • added video scope module that displays parade, waveform and histogram of current canvas image
  • added photon validation for IMF packages
  • added Dolby Vision support
  • added new timeline timing representation (frames)
  • enhanced export module supports with audio routing
  • enhanced export module has with preview functionality for range selection and video settings
  • enhanced TTML / IMSC1 support
  • enhanced view on license details
  • removed waveform visualizer, which is replaced by timeline and audio meter module
  • bugfix: fixed incorrect color component order when exporting DPX
  • bugfix: fixed waveform in timeline not being correct for audio tracks
  • bugfix: fixed shutdown of Player being stuck for a while in case waveform wasn't generated completely yet
  • fix regression: bitrate validation now works again as expected and doesn't show wrong results for encrypted packages anymore
  • bugfix: fixed rare crash during startup when SDI is enabled and another program already uses the connected SDI device
  • bugfix: correctly store and restore decoder selection for playback and export
  • bugfix: fixed rare case on some newer Macs where license import via drag and drop didn't work
  • bugfix: fixed waveform in timeline not being correct for audio tracks
  • deactivated multi-GPU usage for playback and export when starting player via command line interface, since this can lead to unexpected behaviour
  • bugfix: timed text images were not exported to the correct directory when unwrapping package
  • bugfix: audio preloading never finished and therefore playback did not start on some systems
  • bugfix: V-Sync was available even when environment does not support V-Sync (e.g. when starting via Remote Desktop)
  • bugfix: fixed problem with server certificate password that couldn't be restored on Macs sometimes
  • bugfix: fixed rare case on some newer Macs where license import via drag and drop didn't work
  • bugfix: audio language code for supplemental tracks is correctly displayed now (IMF only)
  • bugfix: fixed crash when unsupported audio device was selected
  • deactivated multi-GPU usage for playback and export, since this can lead to unexpected behavior
  • bugfix: SDI playback stopped after canvas was closed
  • bugfix: positioning of subtitles in export with enabled scaling is correct now
  • ruby nodes in subtitles are partially displayed now (Rb tag)
  • added functionality to directly jump to a timecode in timeline
  • added reel wise stepping using arrow up/down for timeline
  • bugfix: validation module's codestream check has detected wrong JPEG 2000 profile
  • for VF package, when VF package was loaded first
  • bugfix: all reels were exported, even if only one reel was selected for export
  • bugfix: fixed scaling / letterboxing in export, when option keep aspect ratio is disabled
  • bugfix: fixed crash after export was canceled
  • bugfix: audio waveform visualizer has always shown encrypted data
  • Updated Blackmagic Design DeckLink SDK to version 10.9.12
  • bugfix: export of DCP with more than one reel failed
  • bugfix: excessive memory usage during export when burn-in is enabled
  • bugfix: export does not start with invalid scaling values
  • bugfix: validating VF only with referenced and unreferenced pictures tracks didn't pass j2c profile consistency check
  • bugfix: fixed crash when deleting custom audio output channel routing preset
  • bugfix: fixed crash opening encrypted package with audio after unencrypted package with audio was opened
  • bugfix: fixed stuttering playback when previewing DCPPROJ
  • bugfix: fixed crash when starting via CLI and HDSDI is enabled
  • bugfix: hash check comparison with trailing spaces/newline
  • bugfix: fixed crash when starting player via remote desktop
  • bugfix: fixed issue that prevents QuickTime export on macOS
  • bugfix: fixed issue that prevents start of playback on less powerful systems
  • bugfix: waveform not rendered for encrypted packages after switching composition
  • fix regression: JPEG 2000 bit rate violation was detected for valid DCPs
  • (PLUS only) timeline module for better navigation and preview
  • validation module supports now VF and encrypted packages
  • audio routing and channel mapping can now be done via GUI
  • export module is now able to use gpu
  • export module supports now scaling for all formats (except JPEG 2000)
  • replacement of missing font characters works now on macOS as well
  • bugfix: misidentified JPEG 2000 BCP level 6 as level 5 and thus assumed a max bitrate of 800 Mbit/s instead of 1600 Mbit/s.
  • bugfix: some IMF packages could not be opened, because the MXF essence coding label's version byte was not ignored.
  • bugfix: subject png-subpictures to color transform had no effect
  • fix regression: x-coordinate for vertical timed text was not calculated correctly anymore
  • bugfix: false error message in some cases during IMF J2K profile validation
  • bugfix: crash when opening *.jp2 files
  • bugfix: fixed edit rate/duration issues when loading certain IMF VFs
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where licensing was not possible on some Macs with High Sierra and Apple FS
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where KDMs and certificates became inaccessible after installing Windows 10 Anniversary/Creators Update
  • bugfix: fixed an issue where a request for the certificate password would cause infinite hang
  • bugfix: characters missing from the specified font of a subtitle spot were not detected in some cases
  • bugfix: incorrect error message about track duration mismatches when loading certain IMF Packages
  • bugfix: loading audio language from IMF Trackfiles when loading full IMF Package
  • bugfix: quality check "Timed text entries are not sorted by increasing time-in timestamps" prevented timed text from getting loaded and displayed
  • bugfix: missing RegXML descriptor when creating supplemental IMF Packages from saved easyDCP project
  • fix regression: burn-in timed text had antialiasing disabled
  • fixed loading MXF audio files without timecode tracks
  • add support for GeForce 10 series
  • add possibility to show title safe, action safe, container boxes or custom overlays in canvas
  • add solo and mute button in audio waveform module
  • audio waveform channels are now resizable
  • added 2016 IMF Schema files for XML validation
  • replacement of missing font characters can now be dynamically enabled or disabled
  • new check: warn if timed text font ID does not match the ID in the LoadFont element
  • new check: warn if font used by Interop DCPs has an .otf file extension. It needs to be .ttf or else it will get ignored by some servers.
  • bugfix: only one channel got rendered in 3D viewing modes
  • bugfix: timestamp rounding mode was not restored after a restart
  • don't reject external timed text documents when warnings were found while parsing them
  • remove incorrect warning when timed text duration is stated differently in MXF and CPL
  • remove incorrect warning when a reel's first timed text spot number is not 1
  • validation module: promote warning to error when characters present in a timed text document are missing in the referenced font file
  • bugfix: JPEG 2000 bit rate violation was detected for lossless IMF packages
  • bugfix: JPEG 2000 bit rate violation was detected for lossy IMF packages with broadcast profile under 5
  • bugfix: stuffed memory leak in QuickTime audio writer that caused occasional crashes for long exports
  • bugfix: switching between 24 bit and 30 bit SDI pixel formats did not work correctly
  • bugfix: solo/mute audio channels ignored audio channel routing
  • bugfix: unable to load some IMF Picture Trackfiles
  • fix regression: screensaver was not disabled on Mac OS X anymore
  • fix regression: Frame Forward/Backward keyboard shortcuts did not work when in fullscreen
  • fix regression: fullscreen was not restored after a restart
  • bugfix: validation module's bitrate check has calculated wrong codestream sizes for encrypted DCPs
  • bugfix: switching from CPU to GPU decoder resets the selected source color space
  • bugfix: loading of unsupported MXF subtitles leads to a freeze
  • bugfix: atmos trackfiles are ignored when using the export option "Create supplemental easyDCP project with external subtitles"
  • bugfix: show error message if not enough disk space is available during export
  • bugfix: export does not remember last selected color transform
  • bugfix: "additional offset from bottom" is inverted when burning in subtitles during export
  • bugfix: wrong naming of subtitle files when converting from Interop to SMPTE
  • bugfix: using an imported color transform LUT for export leads to a crash
  • bugfix: adding TTML subtitle to IMF package leads to a crash
  • bugfix: fix "Active sound card doesn't support current audio format - Unanticipated host error" for ASIO sound cards (including Blackmagic Audio)
  • bugfix: remove incorrect warning "Package contains Trackfiles of different package types" when opening certain types of supplemental DCPs/IMPs or mixed 2D/3D/2K/4K DCPs/IMPs
  • bugfix: remove incorrect warning "Resolution for picture track file in reel #x is unknown because it is a referenced track"
  • before starting a DCP/IMP validation, check if the selected location for HTML report file is writable
  • make default timed text outline width configurable and use a size relative to the font size so that it works well with both 2K and 4K content
  • fix regression: calculate position for right-aligned timed text overlays correctly
  • bugfix: position for centered timed text overlays was slightly off by a few pixels when outlines are enabled
  • bugfix: don't complain about timed text spot number order when (optional) spot number attributes are absent
  • show original spot number values in timed text editor, even when they are not numbers.
  • bugfix: when testing if all charachters used in a timed text document are included in the corresponding font file, control charachters (e.g. newline, tab) were not ignored
  • bugfix: timed text fade out duration was one frame too long.
  • (PLUS only) Validation module that validates a DCP or IMP and creates an interactive report in html format
  • support for playback of QuickTime movies
  • bugfix: fix subtitle alignment on HD-SDI output with "fit to window" disabled
  • bugfix: don't close full-screen when a dialog is opened on a separate monitor
  • bugfix: rendering got slower for the second and further DCP/IMPs
  • bugfix: fallback audio channel routing from settings file did not always take effect. Now the currently used routing is displayed in the audio options pane.
  • fix regression: fix "Invalid BER encountered" error introduced in 3.3.2
  • fix regression: unwrapping encrypted DCPs got broken
  • fix regression: when loading a new DCP or IMP, the CUDA codec in some cases complained for no reason about a max. bitrate violation so that easyDCP Player fell back to the CPU codec.
  • Extended Export Features
  • GPU-accelerated Real-time Playback of IMF Packages
  • Supports Retina Displays
  • Advanced Timeline Slider (eases subtitling)
  • Subtitles editor
  • Supports DPX/TIFF/JPEG/BMP/... as input format
  • Supports IMF App2
  • Supports Archival Formats (IAP/MAP)
  • Supports Atmos (no decoding/no downmix)
  • Supports 64bit architectures
  • GPU-decoding performance increased
  • Export performance increased
  • HD/SDI support for Blackmagicdesign Deckling and Ultrastudio playout devices
  • Support for Supplemental DCPs
  • Support for SMPTE subtitle
  • Option to accelerate playback performance significantly
  • New work-flow for activating the software within minutes
  • Extended export features including scaling options and burn-in of subtitles
  • Much faster export functionality
  • Export of Quicktime files supported
  • Extended command-line support
  • Improved issue reports
  • Audio visualization module (view waveform, mute, solo)
  • 10 bit DisplayPort output (Windows only)
  • Support for CineCanvas subtitles that reference PNG files
  • Automatically export reels into individual folders
  • Verify that 250mbit/s JPEG2000 datarate is not exeeded
  • Increase compatibility by degrading some failed integrity checks from errors to warnings
  • Show render fps
  • Process CineCanvas subtitles correctly, that use "Font" node within "Text" value
  • In the Commercial edition, server certificates are no longer auto-generated, and instead they can be requested from Fraunhofer support
  • Add automatic and configurable compensation for audio latency
  • By default, software codec now raises an error, when it encounters a corrupt jpeg2000 image
  • Support for NVIDIA GeForce 500 series
  • Add support for exporting 8-16 channel DCPs
  • (PLUS only) Export DCP to J2C/TIFF/DPX/WAV
  • Optionally check MXF file hashes
  • (PLUS only) new 3D modes side-by-side and top-and-bottom
  • Improved speed in software-codec
  • Restore window and player state after restart
  • (PLUS only) Playback of encrypted DCPs
  • (PLUS only) 3D playback (anaglyph, interleaved or quad buffered)
  • (PLUS only) Rendering of CineCanvas subtitles
  • Support for custom color transforms and LUTs
  • Fixed audio-video sync issues that occurred on some computers
  • Fixed "invalid enumeration" bug that occurred when the color transform
  • Hardware accelleration was enabled on computers with certain ATI graphics devices
  • "Choose composition" dialog shows more metadata
  • Added DCP security checks (hash values, file sizes, digital signature, certificate chain)
  • Multi-GPU-Mode does not need to be disabled
  • Improved software-codec performance on high-end multi-core CPUs
  • System information helps during graphics device configuration
  • "Fit to Window" mode scales video to optimally fill the current window size
  • Floatable toolbar allows "presentation mode"
  • Drag & Drop DCP folders or audio/video files onto canvas
  • Drag & Drop DCP folders or audio/video files onto icon
  • Improved synchronicity between audio and video
  • Improved user interface response
  • Settings are restored after restart
  • Added load progress dialog
  • Accelerated application start-up
  • More detailed error messages
  • Many bug fixes

With the free demo editions of the easyDCP standalone programs almost all functionalities of the full versions can be tested. However, there are the following restrictions:

easyDCP Creator

  • Visibly burned-in easyDCP™ logo in all frames
  • No loading of (D)KDMs (To test encrypted DCPs, please use the proprietary DCP Digest)
  • No Supplementals (DCP/IMF)
  • No validation report

easyDCP Player

  • Reduced quality and muted audio after 15 seconds of playback
  • No Export
  • No loading of (D)KDMs (To test encrypted DCPs, please use the proprietary DCP Digest from Creator+)
  • No validation report

easyDCP KDM Generator

  • Maximum KDM validity of 2 days
  • No loading of (D)KDMs (To test KDM generation, please use the proprietary DCP digest from easyDCP Creator+)

From now on, you will receive a discount on your service and support fees if you extend the service during the ongoing service period.

This is how it works: Since 2017-01-01 you receive a COUPON code on your bill for your next purchase of service extension. This voucher reduces your costs for the next service renewal of the same license by 10%.

The COUPON code is valid for the respective license from the issue of the invoice until the day on which your existing service expires. The date of the last validity is displayed in the COUPON.

How to use this voucher code:

NOTE: Your ongoing service must still be valid

  1. Go to your license status as usual
  2. Extend your existing service by at least 6 months.
  3. In checkout, the option "ADD COUPON" will be offered.
  4. Enter the individual coupon code for this license.

You will automatically receive a discount of 10%. The new service is automatically added to the end of the current service period. The invoice now contains a new COUPON code in order to receive a 10% discount for the next renewal.

Hint: You can spare yourself the manual entry of the voucher code by signing up for a subscription, which automatically extends the service in time. You then receive the discount without entering a COPUON code.

Yes, easyDCP Player+ supports all Blackmagic Design Ultra Studio and DeckLink series output devices for video and audio.

The performance of such a set-up depends on various parameters and is not only determined by the HD/SDI interface card.
The Graphic Board Check (PDF) table shows some example set-ups as well as the measured performance using certain HD/SDI interfaces.


  • Stereo 3D output is not supported.
  • At this point, 4k output via HD-SDI is not real-time capable.
  • The minimally required driver version is 9.7.7.
  • HD-SDI output is a feature exclusive to easyDCP Player+. It is not available in the basic edition.


Please enable the Options | Video | General Rendering | V-Sync option and restart easyDCP Player.

Afterwards it should read "V-Sync (currently on)".



With activated service subscription your service will be prolonged automatically for 6 month 30 days before it expires without any notification to do it manually. The prolongation will be charged to your credit card, its details are stored for this use at our acquirer „Heidelpay“. You will receive an order confirmation and invoice for a successful service prolongation as usual.

Service prolongation via service subscription comes automatically with 10% discount.  

How to setup a Service Subscription?

  1. Login at your easyDCP web account
  2. Select top menu option „Service Status"
  3. Select your preferred license for your service subscription
  4. Select your payment method or create a new one. 

Your next automatic prolongation will be shown at „Next Payment“.
A service subscription can be created and removed at any time before a service gets inactive.

What happens if an automatic service prolongation fails?

If payment fails we will keep retrying. After certain fail we will deactivate the service subscription and inform you by email. Your Service Status will be set to manual mode and you will receive the known „Service Notification“.

Reasons for failed payments can be expired validity, insufficient covering of payment amount or general deactivation of your credit card. If possible we will inform you about reason of rejection.

How safe are your Credit Card details?

Your CC details are exclusively stored on servers of our acquierer. These servers are regularly monitored by the CC-companies.

Closed Captions are timed texts that are intended for hearing impaired audience members. Captions usually include the dialog and descriptions of sounds ("phone rings", "door slams" etc.). "Closed" means that the captions are off-screen and not visible to the entire audience. On the other hand, "open" or "burned-in" means that the captions are on-screen and visible to all viewers.

The following caption file formats are supported:

  • CineCanvas™ DLP Cinema™ Subtitle XML file
  • SMPTE ST 428-7 D-Cinema Distribution Master Subtitle XML file
  • SMPTE ST 429-5 D-Cinema Packaging Timed Text Track MXF file

To add closed captions in easyDCP Creator, simply drag the track file onto the reel. Then select the Display Type "Closed Caption (CCAP)":

You can add up to 16 Closed Captions per reel.

Please make sure that all referenced subtitle assets like fonts (.ttf, .otf) or images (.png) are available, otherwise package generation will fail.

Finally, please add the abbreviation "CCAP" to the composition playlist annotation text:

Please note: The DaVinci Resolve easyDCP Plugin does not yet support captions.

One easyDCP software license can be installed only on one computer system.

However, if you need to move the easyDCP license to another computer or operating system you can do this easily using Migration function in the web shop:

  1. Login in your account at www.easyDCP.com
  2. Select license status
  3. Select the product you need to migrate
  4. Select: "migrate license"

easyDCP Resolve Plug-In customers can get additional important informations for migration here

After the migration is complete you can generate a new license for the new ware system. Please refer to the following FAQ on how to activate your product.


  • There is a limit of one automatic migration in six months. If you require a second migration within the six months period, please inform us via email why it´s necassary.
  • Since server certificates are tied to the system hash, they become inaccessible after a migration. New certificates will be automatically created, but all KDMs issued to the old cerificates will no longer be accessible. Please check our FAQ: Server- and Signer- Certificates.

Migration with older Versions: For version easyDCP Creator(+)2.1.X and older, easyDCP Player(+)1.9.X and older, and easyDCP KDM Generator(+)1.47 and older, be prepared to use the new hashcode of your target hardware/software.

Different versions of easyDCP can be installed side-by-side

However be aware that the all share the same user application data folder, where state settings, KDMs, server and signer certificate and license are stored.  

easyDCP 3.6.0 and above will be activated within the application/preferences.

Please watch our video tutorial or proceed as follows:

  1. Download and install the latest installer from your account at www.easyDCP.com license status.
  2. Select "Preferences (OSX)" "Options (WINDOWS)" in the installed easyDCP application option "Activation Status" and select "Request License&Certificates"  
  3. Fill out the form according to the instructions displayed and select "Send request"
  4. Your license-and-certificate-request will be processed after you log in. 
  5. Then you can download your "License & Certificate" Data Set from your license status pane and import it with the corresponding easyDCP option "Import License & Certificates". 

Note: This way of activating your easyDCP Product is only available from easyDCP Version 3.6 or higher.

  • If you use a easyDCP Creator(+) from 2.2.X, easyDCP Player(+) from 2.0.X and easyDCP KDM Generator(+) from 1.4.1X till easyDCP Version 3.5.8, you find help here.
  • If you use an Version below easyDCP Creator(+) 2.2.X, easyDCP Player(+) 2.0.X and easyDCP KDM Generator(+) 1.4.1X, you find help here.
  • If you use an easyDCP Resolve Plugin version, you find help here.
  • If you use an easyDCP SAM Rio Plugin version, you find help here.

Customers who own an easyDCP standalone license for easyDCP can receive and use a legacy licenses for previous easyDCP releases free-of-charge on the same hardware.
You will find the option "Other releases" in your license status. 

Following requirements must be met:

  • You must have a version 2.0 or higher licensed.
  • The legacy license can only be used on same hardware as the easyDCP standalone licenses are issued to.
  • Only previous easyDCP versions can be requested.

How to get your easyDCP legacy license:

    • Open your license status and click on "Other releases" and download the desired version.
    • If it's a recent release of the current easyDCP major release (eg 3.5.5 > 3.5.X), you can continue to use your current license. Download and install the license file as usual.
    • If you switch to a version before the current easyDCP major release (eg 3.5.5> 3.4.X), you must activate this easyDCP application. Start the activation and if you meet the requirements (the current easyDCP version is activated on the same hardware), the webshop will offer you an old version license. Download and install the license file as usual.

You can find more information on how you can activate your Application in our FAQs: How do I activate my easyDCP Product?

Yes, you can upgrade to a easyDCP "+" edition or upgrade to easyDCP Bundle1 or easyDCP Bundle2 later.

Precondition is your up to date easyDCP application with valid service extension.

Please note: Stereoscopic 3D DCPs can also be generated and paid on a project basis with the easyDCP Publisher.

So far the only way to check a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) was a screening in a cinema equipped with a D-Cinema Server.
With easyDCP Player and easyDCP Player+ you have now the chance to check DCPs on a standard MAC or Windows PC. easyDCP Player+ even allows for playing encrypted DCPs.

For further information please refer to:


With easyDCP Player and easyDCP Player+ you have the chance to check an original DCP on a standard MAC or Windows PC. easyDCP Player+ even allows the playback of encrypted DCPs.

For further information please refer to:



Due to the computational demands of decoding JPEG 2000 images and rendering images up to 4k in real-time, easyDCP Player has very specific requirements.

First, the performance bottleneck must be identified. To do that, enable the fps statistics (Playback | Statistics). The statistics list the data rate and the overall theoretically possible fps. When it says 100 fps, it means that decoding (or reading or rendering) a single frame takes 1/100th of a second in average. It does not mean that it actually does display 100 frames per second. easyDCP Player reads, decodes and renders images in parallel, i.e. either disk-read, CPU processing power or GPU-processing power or OpenGL rendering might be the bottleneck.

If "disk read" is the bottleneck:

Disk read sometimes takes too long when a DCP is first played. Play a few minutes and then restart from the beginning to benefit from the operating systems´s cache. Alternatively, copy the package to a local drive, preferably to a SSD.

If "decoding" is the bottleneck:

Please read the hardware requirements carefully to determine if your system should be capable of real-time playback.

If you know your system is too weak, but want to playback DCPs in real-time nonetheless, you can leverage from the JPEG 2000 compression´s scalability. Either change the decoder´s performance-to-quality trade-off in Options | Codec | <your current codec> or alternatively discard one or more resolution levels using the drop-down box in the main control bar. Enabling the "Fit to Window" option will cause the images to be scaled up to the window´s current size, which causes virtually no overhead.

If "rendering" is the bottleneck:

Since v3.0 easyDCP Player has two render modes: V-sync-independent rendering and V-Sync-rendering.

  •  V-sync-independent rendering: This was the only option in all versions prior to v3.0. It is still the right choice if the display runs with 60 Hz (default for "regular" computer monitors). It is also the fallback option, if V-Sync is not available or not enabled.
  •  V-sync-rendering: Especially, if the target display is a LCD-TV or a projector, or if the max. refresh rate is significantly lower than 60 Hz (e.g. only 30 Hz), then the V-Sync rendering mode should be selected. It can be activated in Options | Video | V-Sync, but only if Options | Video | General Rendering | V-Sync is currently on. Whether or not V-Sync is actually made available to easyDCP Player by the graphics driver is stated in round brackets next to the Options | Video | General Rendering | V-Sync checkbox. When you start playback in V-Sync-Rendering mode, the package´s frame-rate as well as the display´s refresh rate will be started in curly brackets next to the "Render"fps line (e.g. "Render (24 fps @ 24 Hz) in the statistics window. easyDCP will now explicitly translate between the packages´s frame-rate and the display´s refresh rate, which gives best results when both rate are equal or when the display´s refresh rate is an even multiple of the package´s frame-rate.

You experience very heavy stuttering ? If you have multiple displays attached to your computer, it is important that the V-Sync rate is identical to the refreh rate of the display, where easyDCP Player´s canvas is located. To make sure that the display is actually the V-Sync-Display open up http://www.vsynctester.com/detect.html and verify that the measured Hz-rate matches the display´s refresh rate.

Hint: Configure the display, where the canvas is loacated, to be your main display. (Windows 7: right-click desktop | Screen resolution | <select display> | Check "Make this my main display"

Hint: When using two Nvidia graphics cards (e.g. one for rendering and one for decoding with CUDA), it might be necessary, to manually specify the graphics card that will be rendering: NVIDIA Control Panel | 3D SSetings | Manage 3D settings | Global Settings | OpenGL rendering GPU | <select the graphics card that drives the display where easyDCP Player´s canvas is located>. We found that this can make a huge difference in terms of render performance.

If there is no obvious bottleneck:

Is´s likely the rendering that causes the stuttering. See "If `rendering`is the bottleneck:".






There can be many reasons that subtitles cannot be displayed.

easyDCP Player performs a whole range of checks when it loads the subtiteles.

It will automatically verify that the XML document´s structure meets the specifications and it will also make sure that all characters used in the subtitle document are actually present in the enclosed font file. (Font)

If any potential issues were identified, they will be shown in the log window.

In short, make sure no warnings are raised when the DCP is opened by eayDCP Player.

easyDCP applications require different kinds of certificates

Server Certificates:

Is required to be able to receive KDMs. If a partner wants to send you an encrypted DCP, they will need your public server certificate so that they can issue a DKDM for. 

Signer Certificate:

Will be used to digitally sign content of encrypted DCPs or KDMs. Generally, all DCPs should be digitally signed to ensure that they will be ingested without any problems into a digital cinema server. Only for unencryted DCPs with Interop conformity, a signature is optional.


Which easyDCP application needs which certificates?


Signer Certificate

Server Certificate

easyDCP Creator



easyDCP Creator+



easyDCP KDM Generator



easyDCP KDM Generator+



easyDCP Player



easyDCP Player+



easyDCP JPEG2000 Transcoder




How you get your Signer- and Server- certificate?

From easyDCP Player 2.0.X, easyDCP Creator 2.2.X and easyDCP KDM Generator 1.4.15 

During „License & Certificate Request“ and activation via webshop www.easydcp.com Signer- and Server Certificates will be provided in "License & Certificate".

What kind of certificate are required, if at all, depends on the easyDCP application.

Older easyDCP versions

Please use license status on www.easydcp.com: New server certificate/manage certificate


How I can access to my previous Signer- and Server Certificates?

Please use license status on www.easydcp.com: Manage certificates
This option is available for customers with valid service extension


  • If you update to a newer easyDCP version, previous certificates should be maintained. When filling in a new license & certificate request, you will be prompted to enter the password that protects your current certificate. If the password can be verified, the new request will contain information, that you don´t need a new certificate.
  • Server certificates are bound to the hardware via the system hash. If you migrate to another system, you always need new server certificates.
  • Signer certificates are bound to a person rather than to a system.  However, each " License and Certificate set" contains a new signer certificate for technical reasons.

Please note: Every "Certificate Request" will be secured with a password specified by you.

You select the password when you fill in the request and will be prompted to enter it again, whey you import the License & Certificate Set and whenever a KDM is accessed. 

The password cannot be recovered!


easyDCP introduces a new and important function with easyDCP+ Version 3.4: easyDCP DCP/IMF-Package Validator

The function is integrated in easyDCP Creator+ and easyDCP Player+. Validation can be performed on encrypted and unencrypted files.  

The easyDCP validation check includes:
- Syntax checks of the metadata
- Compliance check of image and sound files
- Review the current and desired DCP / IMF-Package naming convention 

For immediate diagnosis, the easyDCP Validation Report provides a traffic light view with OK, warnings and "red" for errors.
The easyDCP Validation Report also includes a detailed evaluation. It consists of an HTML file, which can also be opened offline with any browser.
This file provides detailed information on the results of the validation and, if applicable, specific notes on the occurrence of warnings and errors.

A sample of DCP validation can be found here:

To perform a validation:

easyDCP Player+

  1. Menu: File > Open Package
  2. Select the DCP or IMF package to validate and start it in the playlist
  3. Menu: Asset > Validate
  4. Press "Start"
  5. Dialog Box: Select "Open Report" to open the easyDCP Valdiation Report in your browser   

easyDCP Creator+

  1. Coose in first dialog: Open Projekt/Package
  2. Select the DCP or IMF package to validate and start it in the playlist
  3. Menu: Package > Validate
  4. Press "Start"
  5. Dialog Box: Select "Open Report" to open the easyDCP Valdiation Report in your browser


  • Interested parties can test the function in the respective demoversion but detailed hints are hidden.
  • Encrypted DCPs can currently be validated with a valid DKDM.

easyDCP Validation Report as proof of quality:

Fraunhofer IIS provided the essential prerequisite for the DCI Compliance Test Plan. With the new easyDCP Validator you get the perfect tool to run the test plan fully automatically. The conclusive easyDCP Validation Report can be attached to DCP delivery or IMF package delivery as a quality and compliance proof. 

easyDCP Validation verifies the following conformities:

  • DCP: according to SMPTE ST 429
  • IMF-Package: asccorting to SMPTE ST 2067 

as well as other "Common Practice Tests" which have resulted from years of experience. E.g. Digital Cinema Naming Convention, checks of subtitles outside of the area that can be read by the creator.  

Time lags which occur during playback of video and audio may have different causes. In some cases, the cause is hardware-related. For an audio-visual verification of synchronous playback, we provide our customers a test DCP incl. instructions. 

It has to be distinguished between two basic video / audio types of time lag:

Offset between picture and sound is constant during playback:

Possible causes:

  • Offset of the image and / or sound track of the DCP is not entered correctly.
    Solution: Regenerate DCP with corrected offsets

  • Hardware is configured with incorrect latency.
    Solution: Tho control of the graphics and sound card of a computer varies depending on hardware and operating system. Today's operating systems determine the respective delay and provide the value of this delay as "latency" to the affected programs.
    These values ​​are also available for easyDCP Publisher and easyDCP Player (+).
    It's available for each audio device separate and can be subsequently adjusted within easyDCP programs here: Preference -> Audio -> Latency. 

Offset between picture and sound changes / grows during playback:

Possible causes:

  • The source material does not match the frame rate provided in the DCP (e.g., 23.98 versus 24fps).
    Solution: Regenerate DCP with corrected frame rate.

Your service options when using easyDCP:

Sales support: All questions regarding the products and their features. For example:

Prices for new products
How to purchase
How to update from previous versions, s.o.

Sales support is available for everyone. Please contact: info@easydcp.com

License support: Questions about activation, migration, available updates and upgrades as well as the status of licenses.

All those service are available in your web account www.easyDCP.com at License Status  

License support is available for every customer independent from the service status. Contact: info@easydcp.com

Technical support: Usage and troubleshooting for all easyDCP solutions

Technical support requires a valid service contract for the respective easyDCP software. Please use "Technical Support" option within your web account.


How to manage ...

Service and service extensions:

Each new purchased easyDCP product comes with a valid service contract lasting for 6 months. Within this period, technical service as well as updates for the respective products are included without any payment. 

Once the service is about to expire, customers will be notified by e-mail. It is highly recommended to extends the service extension from minimum of 6 months and will always be appended to the end of the current service-period. If the customer decides for a service subscription the service extendes for another 6 month automatically if the customer has not completed the subscription at the latest 30 days before the end of the last renewal.

In case a customer decided not to prolong the support and no new version of specific software has been released, it is still possible to get back into normal service. Here a service fee of 50% (calculated form the regular service fee) for the period between previous service and the date the client wants to get back into support has to be paid. 

If a new version of specific software has been released during a non-supported period, no prolongation of the (expired) service is possible anymore. New: Here clients have to purchase a onetime fee in order to get the latest version of the easyDCP software. The update price depends on the date when the previous service extension has ended and the date the client purchased the update for his respective easyDCP application. The younger the last license the lower the update fee. Updates comes without automatic prolongation of service extension.

Get 10% Discount with automatic Service Prolongation – Service Subscription
Discounted service for active users


Migrating your software to a new hardware or re-activating a license after changing components in your existing hardware is always possible. For further details please check: How can I perform a migration (hardware/operating-system-change)

Important notes:

  • Bonus licenses - e.g. a gratuitous license for DaVinci Resolve based on standalone-software purchase - can only be migrated until the standalone version of easyDCP itself has a valid service.  

Major and Minor Updates (eg. Version X.3.X > X.4.X):

Updates will arrive as needed. Estimate between 2 to 6 updates per year.

Customers with valid service (check status in your web account) have free access to updated versions of the software. There is no automatic update procedure and manual integration is required. If the update is a so-called point-release (e.g. 3.2 to 3.3) or a major release (e.g. 3.9 to 4.0) a new license is required. Minor releases (3.3.1 to 3.3.2) do not require a new license. Usually, only a new license for specific easyDCP software must be downloaded and activated. There is no need to update the certificates (signer and /or server) for a software update. Please use the "Request License & Certificate Set" as well as the "Import License & Certificate Set" options within easyDCP since they take care about proper activation of specific software. For your support please check: How do I activate my easyDCP product

Customer without valid service are requested to purchase an update. The update price depends on the date when the previous service extension has ended and the date the client purchased the update for his respective easyDCP application. The younger the last license the lower the update fee. Updates comes without automatic prolongation of service extension. Usually, only a new license for specific easyDCP software must be downloaded and activated. There is no need to update the certificates (signer and/or server) for a software update. Please use the "Request License & Certificate Set" as well as the "Import License & Certificate Set" options within easyDCP since they take care about proper activation of specific software. For your support please check: How do I activate my easyDCP product

Important notes:

  • Minor updates (e.g. Version X.X.1 > X.X.2) will be available automatically in your web account. Minor updates usually do not require a new activation. As usual, server- and signer certificates do not need an update.

Upgrade (e.g. easyDCP Creator to easyDCP Creator+):

The upgrade price is calculated using the difference between the existing product and the new product. No additional upgrade-fee is charged. The option "Upgrade" within your web account shows the available and the most cost-effective options for an upgrade.

Upgrades requires up to date of the upgrade provided software and valid service contract. If a service period expired or the initial version is somehow outdated, clients have to renew the service before upgrading. Please see the comments above explaining how to prolong an expired service. 

Bonus licenses:

Bonus licenses are available under certain conditions. Actually bonus licenses for easyDCP Resolve Plugin and easyDCP SAM Rio Plugin will be issued when the following prerequisites are met: easyDCP Bonus licenses for DaVinci Resolve 10/11/12 or easyDCP Bonus licenses for SAM Rio


If your question has not been answered please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: info@easydcp.com

Please note: Playback of stereoscopic DCPs is an exclusive feature of easyDCP Player+. The basic edition - easyDCP Player - will play back stereoscopic DCPs, but it will only display a single channel. 

In easyDCP Player+, on the other hand, you can select from a whole range of output options, all of which you can test in the demo version.

  • For the best 3D experience, you should use a professional Nvidia Quadro graphics card.
  • Once you enable the stereo mode in your graphics driver control panel, you will be able to select the "Quad-buffered Stereo" output option in easyDCP Player+. Left and right images will be handed in full quality to the graphics driver.
  • In the graphics driver control panel you can select from different output options. For instance, it is possible to play each channel on a separate DVI link and connect your stereo-capable projector. Or you can use the active shutter glasses (e.g. 3D Vision) and view DCPs on your 120 Hz LCD display.
  • But you can also screen your stereoscopic DCPs with a regular consumer-level GeForce graphics device. easyDCP Player+ implements all the widely-used interleaving modes, such as top-and-bottom, left-and-right, line-by-line, checkerboard, etc., providing compatibility with most 3D TVs. Just full screen easyDCP Player+ and hook up your 3D TV with a DVI or HDMI cable.
  • Be aware, that for all interleaved modes, either the horizontal or vertical resolution will be halved.
  • Finally, you can select from a range of anaglyph viewing modes and others such as "difference", "blend", "left only", "right only" and "both channels alternating".
  • For dual projector playback please follow this instruction provided from NVIDEA 

Basically there are two different options for running easyDCP Player.

1. Real-time-playback using a fast CPU.

Allows for real-time-playback of 2k/4k DCP and IMF-Packages on a standard PC/Mac. Use this option if you have a sufficiently fast CPU. The software codec will work on Mac OS X and Windows 7 and higher.

Minimum system specification:

    • 6-core CPU
    • At least 4 GB of RAM
    • Graphics device with at least 500 MB memory attached to monitor (primary graphics card)
    • Fast hard disk is also recommended

2. Real-time-playback using a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) as accelerator.

Allows for real-time-playback of 2k/4k DCPs and IMF-Packages *) on a standard PC.
*) limited to lossy with code block size 32x32

This option requires two graphics cards:

1. GPU: Primary device for rendering (OpenGL) to which the display is attached.
2. GPU: Secondary CUDA-enabled device for the JPEG 2000 decompression.

Minimum system specification:

    • 4-core CPU
    • 1x primary graphics device attached to monitor
      • recent NVIDIA GeForce or Quadro series graphics device
      • at least 1 GB VRAM
      • preferably connected with 16 PCIx lanes
    • 1x secondary graphics device not attached to monitor
      • NVIDIA GeForce with at least 500 CUDA cores
      • least 2 GB of VRAM
      • preferably connected with 16 PCIx lanes
    • At least 4 GB RAM
    • Fast harddisk/SSD is also recommended

The GPU-accelerated codec is only available for Windows, not for Mac OS X.

3D Video output options:

For best stereo video output, we recommend a NVIDIA Quadro device with at least 2 GB memory (e.g. Quadro K600). When using Nvidia 3D vision, the display needs to have a refresh rate of at least 120 Hz (e.g. Acer GD245QH). Alternatively, a 3D projector can be connected via Dual-DVI. This does not require a professional Nvidia Quadro card, but can also be achieved with a NVIDIA GeForce card.

Furthermore, a 3D LCD can be connected via HDMI or DVI to play out stereo in side-by-side/top-and-bottom/line-by-line or other interleaved modes.

HD-SDI output option:

easyDCP Player supports Blackmagic Design UltraStudio oder DeckLink series output devices.

When Option HD-SDI "enable subtitling, color processing and scaling" is enabled, decoded images will first be processed by the primary graphics card, before they get sent to the SDI-output device.

This works best, when the primary graphics card is a NVIDIA Quadro card. 

View our performance test:

easyDCP Creator+/easyDCP Player+ and easydcp Resolve Plugin supports SMPTE IMF-Specifications: App2/App 2E

For more details "What is IMF" please check: IMF - Interopable Masterformat